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Splitting hairs
cap, captain miss america

Happy Pi Day! I was just excited to realize that I will be most likely alive for Pi Day when it goes to five digits!

I have been splitting hairs a lot lately.

No, literally.

I haven’t had my hair cut in a little less than a year. This is normal for me, once or twice a year is about all I cut my hair. What is abnormal for me is that I have split ends.

DOZENS of them.

They are fascinating to me, these hairs that are slowly multiplying themselves, separating like some kind of amoeba, sometimes from the ends but even more fascinatingly from their centers, so they bubble up and create strange little spaces in their middles. I keep catching them and peeling them as far as I can before they split off completely, which I know is horrible for my hair, but it is just too much fun. I’m completely mesmerized by it!

Anyway, tomorrow, I am going to get my hairs cut. I discovered that my job entitles me to a discount at Bumble & Bumble (go figure!), so I booked an appointment there, and I’m very excited about it.

I’m trying to figure out whether to get a significant haircut or not. The problem with my hair is that I have never had long hair and a genuine hair style at the same time– it’s hard to find a hairdresser, even at a curly-hair salon, who actually gives curly hair a unique style instead of just lopping off the dead bits and shaping it a little. And I don’t even really know what styles would be available, since everyone I know with long, curly hair, wears it the same– unless I cut it short, but I can’t decide if I want to do that or not. My hair is starting to go grey and I keep thinking that if I cut my hair all off now, it might be the last time in my life that I have long hair in its proper color.

I don’t know! Here is my hair now, what do you think?

ETA: I posted some short hair pics for alephz and anyone else who wants to compare in the comments.

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Don't cut it short!! It looks AWESOME long - get it trimmed to sort out the split ends, and make sure you deep-condition it once a week (the organic, natural hair masks or rescue treatments are the best) - but it looks nice long!

Yeah, I already do the deep conditioning thing, along with putting honey on my hair a few times a month, and using castor oil on it every morning. My main concern with it long is that beyond the care involved to get it combed out every morning (which takes about 25 minutes), I think shorter hair makes me look more grown-up.

Well, I think your hair looks really nice long. I can't say I've ever seen it short for comparison, but, hey, why mess with what works, yes?

Here's my college graduation pic:

Here's some pics from 2001-ish at different stages of growing out from buzz cut with bangs:

Really short hair in 2003:


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I like the way it looks now! Maybe just cut it enough to stop the majority of split ends and keep it long until there's more grey? My hair isn't curly so I'm not sure how difficult yours is to manage or how much you like to do with it.

Then again, I'm biased. I had my first haircut since I shaved my head in April and the hairdresser did a horribly choppy job.

I don't do anything with it except wear it down. My hair likes to put itself into dreadlocks if I don't comb it out and condition it thoroughly every day, and even then, it starts creeping together by about 3pm or so, so it's incredibly difficult to take care of if I want to wear it curly. The last time I had long hair, I was really lazy and just put it up in a bun every single day, so I made myself promise myself then if I was going to have my hair long again, I had to take proper care of it and wear it down every day.

That's... hard. I really like your hair either way. I think the shorter style makes you look a little more carefree, but that's just an opinion.

D just got the first nice hair cut of his life. They guy who cut it has super curly hair too and did something and it looks awesome. He also said that 80's looks for guys were coming back. Joe, the hair dresser, had his hair cut so that it was long in front and shorter as it went back and the curls in front were highlighted. that looked pretty awesome.

I think the shorter hair makes me look a bit older and more sophisticated, which is funny!

I'm going to a hairstylist who is supposed to specialize in curly hair, so right now, I think my feeling is to just tell her to play with it.

I like it long. A health cut and deep condition and you may feel you like it long, too. Although you look smashing with short hair, too. But long curly hair is so luscious, seems so evil to cut it.

Oh, I love my hair as it is! I just don't love having to take almost a half an hour every morning to detangle it, and I think it's not as sophisticated as it looks short.

I think it looks nice long but !!!! those short-hair pictures!! I see your point about having it be the last chance to have it long and not-gray. I guess it would make sense to see what they can do with giving it a long-style for now. At the same time, if your hair is starting to grow out as gray, wouldn't this also be the lastish time to have it short in your natural color, too? And the short styles you have give you a really fun look that won't have the same effect in 15 years. Of course, I'm always a little biased toward short hair, but that's my two cents!

Yeah, for me, I think I would be happy with it long if a stylist could actually, you know, style it. All my friends with straight hair get many different styles at many different lengths, but I always feel like I leave with the same haircut I went in with, albeit a bit more shaped and neater. But it's always the same shape, and I get disappointed fast.

I almost feel the opposite, though, that in fifteen years I might end up looking like one of those women desperately trying to hold onto her youth? Some older women look great with long hair, but some just look like they're still trying to be little girls. I don't know!

I think it looks really nice at the length it is now, though I'd understand if it's annoying to take care of. That's the main thing that's kept me from letting my hair get long again, and I think mine is lower-maintenance then yours.

I like your hair in the graduation shot. If you're feeling adventurous/trust the stylist, tell them you want a new look and see what they suggest before they put scissors to the hair.

Clairol Nice & Easy hides gray cheaply. I used to mix two colors together to get one that matched my non-gray color. Now I'm lazy and just use one shade.

Thanks! I'm not at the point where I need to hide it, but I see the grey hairs coming in. Probably no one else notices yet!

And yeah, that's the one I think I like the best.

I vote short. Two reasons: first, cannot overestimate the extra half hour in the morning, not to mention the time it takes to dry after getting wet. second, I think you look super cute with short hair.

Oooo! I like it long, but the first two pictures you posted are perfect for your features! :D

Your hair is awesome! But I think the short hair pics one and two are when it looks most awesome, though of course it is awesome in all. I say go short, because it's nearly summer and short hair is always good in summer so you don't have a hot and heavy head. But, it'll look great whatever you decide!
Hope you are shiny and well. Be Happy :)

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