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Hair Part Trois
cap, captain miss america

So, here is my hair two days after the cut:

I am liking the style, but not the split ends.

I DID call the salon back and they put me in for a redo. Nice! Just because, you know. Split ends. We’ll see how that goes. Same stylist. I think just, you know, chopping off a full inch all the way around would fix it. I’m not sure how that’ll work with the style she gave me, but hey! We’ll see.

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I'm glad you called and they agreed to do a redo:)

I like it but like you say, come on! Split ends were kind of the point...

Today I had to coax a very nervous man into buzzing all my hair off, so thank you for posting your earlier story; it reminded me to be patient with him while he asked me "Are you sure?" a dozen times.

Aw! You are welcome and yay for fuzzy-headed Rose!

(Deleted comment)
Good for you! Just stop looking so worried, you're making me feel even more nervous than I feel already.

Worried?! Those are my happy faces!

Sorry :( maybe I'm projecting, this past week has been ... meh.

Aw! I'm sorry! Better week this week. <3

Yay! Hope the split ends get resolved. :) Also, I spoke with my friend for recommendations (he's a color stylist) and he recommended Ouidad Salon on 57th St or (I think) Laicale on Grand St. They specialize in naturally curly hair. :)

Been to Ouidad and I hated it. They did horrible things to my hair with thinning shears and they give everyone who walks in exactly the same haircut, which only looks nice for a few weeks before the thinned bits start showing.

only thing wrong with this picture is that it's not in new orleans


my reply is long overdue, so my apologies. i'm looking forward to making you a drink or two. you're going to flip at the amount of business/labour it takes to run our crazy little joint now. in that line, make sure the hostess (hah) knows who you are. crazy, right?

I have heard from Jess that like the last time I came was the last weekend it wasn't packed! I'm coming April 22 and leaving the 26th with my mama, not sure what night(s) I'll come over but we'll figure it out ahead of time.

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