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For the next little while
cap, captain miss america
All anonymous comments are now screened on my journal. Apologies! I have just been getting so much spam and I would prefer to not have to delete it all.

Anyway! I am really not happy about this. Usually LJ does things that piss people off and I shrug and say, "eh," but this lack of spam protection is not acceptable. I've been getting multiple spam comments a day, whereas I used to get maybe one or two a year.

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Conversely, I am getting annoyed at their attempts to weed out the spambots, which have gotten several of my friends' journals suspended because they, like myself, use a third-party login.

Agh! So they are suspending real people and letting the spammers run free?

I don't understand why they don't just contract with Akismet or Bad Behavior or something.

Well, they're trying to get the spammers, but my friends and I have a fair few journals which are empty, but which we use to comment on comms. (RPing, not trolling or spamming.)

They're making a legit attempt to get the spammers, there's just a fair amount of collateral damage.

What are those?

They're definitely not doing enough about the spammers. There was never spam until a couple months ago. These are all anon comments, so there's no excuse. You don't need to suspend accounts, you need to have software that determines via algorithm whether something in likely spam. Those are both spam-blocking blog software that work, extremely well.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I have no idea why they aren't addressing this; it's pretty easy. I technically get more spam on my regular blog, but it almost never gets through the Akismet screening.

I don't know what LJ you've been using, but I've been getting spam, both anon and from bot journals, since I started using LJ eight or so years ago.

Multiple spam posts per day? I have never gotten more than a couple spam posts a year. Now I'm getting a couple every day, and that started about two months ago.

Aah, no. Once or twice a week. Less than usual lately, actually, and none anon. Lately, it's been russian names with vaguely Harry Potter related text.

I wonder if it's related to what comms you're in.

This has actually been a widespread complaint on LJ lately, and it's pretty much traceable to some of the facebook/twitter integration they did, from what I understand, although I don't know enough about that part to confirm. A lot of LJ users are experiencing massively increasing spam though in the same period; it's not just me, and I haven't changed my community memberships.

I keep getting "friended" by Russian spam journals.

I rarely get many comments at all, and even more rare is any kind of spam... and yet this week, I received two spam comments on older entries, so I'm guessing there's some kind of renewed attack or something on LJ?

Yeah, there has been a freaking ton of it lately. It's so annoying. I got two in one hour today.

Ugh, you too, eh? I've been getting like 2/3 a day for about a week now and it's driving me up a wall.

I've been getting more on my writing journal too. Not every day but usually at least one when I post something new or once every two weeks or so. Very annoying.

I know! Mine have gone up too. As you know, I hardly ever post these days, but I get spam comments on posts FROM YEARS AGO.

(Deleted comment)
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