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I did this thing all by myself!

First off, I just want to direct you all over to see what [info]furiosity has got herself up to. She is starting a Tumblr dedicated to Awesome Female Characters, and she is looking for suggestions from TV, Books, Comics, and Video Games. You should go and recommend, and peruse the lists just because reading them is kinda cool.

Secondly, this is my exciting new! I got a box today, and it was full of this thing that I have been working on since September.

That’s right!  This is my first-ever Tarot deck. It’s fairly faithful to the Rider-Waite imagery, but with my own take on the designs. It looks so nice and I’m so excited!

This was such a fun project and I am so gratified to have finished it.  Even if I don’t make any money off of it, I am extremely satisfied and proud that I was able to complete a whole deck and get them printed.  The cards, by the way, are store quality with a glossy coating and 3.5″ x 4.75″ They come shrink-wrapped and I will be putting together a small instructional pamphlet for people who don’t know how to read Tarot already. Here is an illustration of the size:

They will be premiering at MoCCA for $25, and after MoCCA (April 9 & 10), I’ll be selling them online for $25 plus S/H.

EEEEEE so excited!

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