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writer's block
cap, captain miss america
ARGH! is BAD! i wrote the scene i have been wanting to write since i started and NOW BLOCK! big BLOCK! i don't like what i wrote last night.

something happens in the story that changes the dynamic between two very strong characters and i don't know how to write them in this way. it is difficult.

maybe i will go back to the beginning and start my revision.


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I'm being stupid, but: *sends good luck and a jackhammer*

I have stumbled upon your journal, and well, i added you to my friends list cause it looks liek i could get used to seeing you on my friends page:) ahh..the lovelies..the strangers.

Hope you don't mind. If you do terribly mind, i will take you off. But, i warn you, i will pout..


my LJ is friends only....i have dropped off in writing in it due to other creative juices attempting to flow ( I am in the middle of writing a screenplay...ARG!)...

so yeah.
heh...good luck on your block. The block and i are quite good friends. We share lots of long silences and many MANY frusterated sighs together.

Have a good day there tea...i look forward to getting yo know you:)


Re: ::Stumble stumble::

lovely to meet you meg! i dunna mind at all!


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