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I'm sitting in the airport waiting to leave New Orleans. The weather here is what New York was like when I left, the weather in New York is, by all weather report accounts, like the weather here has been the past few days.

I will do a more complete write up tonight when I get in. With video! And the video is probably not what you think.

I have been having some crazy dreams the whole time I've been here. Night before last, I had two dreams.

In one of these dreams, Elaine Romain, one of my Seas of Erins characters, got waylaid by her boyfriend, Starling (YES, rainy_day, she left Jochy for Starling), when he convinced her to go on a cruise ship to take funny photos. The cruise ship was docked in the harbor and supposed to be there for several hours. The thing you need to know about these two is that they are from a fantasy world where, depending on the culture, the best you are going to do in terms of technology is late 1700s. So Star convinced her to get on the ship and they were doing all these funny poses and shit, and then he paid off the crew to depart early, effectively trapping Elaine on the ship because he thought that this would be a romantic way to propose marriage. (They are sixteen years old) I don't know if it worked because my brain switched to a different dream.

In this other dream, I was in the dream and I went with a female friend who doesn't actually exist in real life? She wanted to get a tattoo at a specific tattoo parlor and claimed to love this specific artist's work. And her prices seemed reasonable, so I was like, cool, maybe I'll get one while I'm here. The artist showed me her book and most of it was really bad tramp stamps. So I was like, ehhh I will wait.

Last night, I had a dream that I had just gotten back from New Orleans and I was waiting for a school bus. I got on the school bus and someone told me that I was getting my Bat Mitzvah in two hours and I freaked out because I hadn't memorized my Haftarah portion. But fortunately I had a very nice black and red dress in a duffel bag. The bus stopped at this extremely grand series of interconnected buildings that were not a synagogue, and I found out that there was also a wedding going on as part of the same service that was supposed to be my Bat Mitzvah. The wedding was some very weird religious sect where the bride and groom are carried into the service dressed in their very best clothes in a bed, and then the minister gets into bed in the middle of them to do the service. I don't know! It was a very beautiful service and the minister was very funny. What! So then they usher us all into another room where they are serving hors d'oeuvres, and then there is a path down a set of stairs to another building. This is apparently normal for this sect of Judaism where it is not enough to not mix milk and meat in meals or have separate kitchens-- we were not allowed to have dairy and meat in the same building. So you were allowed to eat dairy and meat at the same meal, but you had to eat dairy in the top building and meat in the bottom building. Then at some point I noticed that my clothing had changed to corduroy pants and a tee shirt with a Christmas joke on it, which seemed somehow inappropriate for a Bat Mitzvah. I was also running around looking for one of my friends who kept being across the room with his baby until I would go over to say hi, and then it would only be his sister there.

I don't even know!

Oh, also there was an arrangement of "Ave Maria" in my dream that was fucking awesome. Not sure why the synagogue-esque thing was playing Ave Maria with a full string orchestra, though.

Okay, pictures and video and stuff later! <3 <3 everyone.
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