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Back in Action

So I was planning on posting pictures and stuff from my weekend tonight, but Rina called a little bit ago and there is an NCS party tonight and I'm not going home between work and party so I guess it will be tomorrow! (NCS for those of you who don't know is National Cartoonists Society, which is the organization that most of the newspaper cartoonists are members of.) The bar it's at has an okay beer selection but way overpriced food and not enough green vegetables, blah. Their bangers and mash are good, I just would rather spend like $2 less on it. And have it come with SOMETHING green on the plate.

Instead, yesterday and today stuff: I got home last night to gorgeous weather and went out for a salad, walked around the block and picked up half-off peeps for theafaye and alephz (let me know if anyone in the non-US contingent wants some and I'll see if I can get more...going to the post office tomorrow to mail). In the meantime, I tweeted a lot this weekend. In general, I've been using Twitter a heck of a lot more. I'm @teaberryblue for those who are bereft of my feed.

Then I sat down and doodled up some new designs for my website! Which was the other thing on the docket for tonight. I guess this weekend?

I am still marveling over how freaking awesome boxbrown's Alpha is, even though I have it in book form. It sits on my desk at work, but now it is online also so those of you who don't have it in book should go read it. Seriously.

whirled and I had an epic chat about cannoli which I think was spurred by my saying the secret magic words 'chocolate lasagne.' That was last night. As of this morning, she says she is going to hijack a taco truck to prove her love to me!

whirled: oh yeah. that's more dedication than catching a grenade or whatever that other guy does.

In the meantime, the train was stalled on the 7 platform Manhattan-bound which made me doubt whether I should go back into work at all. Commutation is the only thing I hate about NYC. But I still got in before Brendan, and got to sneak his New Orleans presents into his office before he got in.

I finished Sapphique. It was funny because I felt like in its predecessor, Incarceron, I wasn't in love with the beginning but it got better, and this one, I felt started out good and then got not-so-good. I was disenchanted by the ending of it. It felt like just too much happened at once. The idea was good, but executed in a kind of murky way. I just started The Amaranth Enchantment, which I picked up because it's another Cinderella retelling. So far, it's pretty unique in terms of Cinderellas from what I can tell, which is exciting.

#MadSqLunch people, I missed you this week! <3 <3 I was thinking of you on Monday. I love you all and I will squish you next week!

kamenkyote did a question meme, and he gave me questions. Really, really good questions. But this is not those questions. This is just a note that I will be answering those questions soon. After I go have a few beers and some Irish pub food, which means you might get significantly more exciting answers than you'd get right now!
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