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Questions from kamenkyote

So, I think I might be moderating a panel at MoCCA in a couple of weeks! New Yorky types, keep your eye on this space for more details as soon as this is firmed up! It will be May 12! I would love to see you all there!

quizzicalsphinx , <3 I hope everything is okay. Let me know if you need anything or need me to contact anybody for you.

Okay, so kamenkyote asked me:

1)What kind of comic would you most like to produce? What's your goal in that medium?

Okay, this is sort of two different questions.  I think the kind of comic I would most like to produce is the kind that I'm not technically adept enough to create. Probably something more like my prose writing, and I kind of have a thing for very lush detail that I'm not capable of drawing.  Err, that's not entirely true.  I'm capable of drawing it but only to a certain extent, and I'm very bad at perspective, which I wonder sometimes if that's a result of being dyslexic or something else entirely?  I don't know.   I'm cool with that!  Because I know what I am good at and I try to push myself to be better at what I am good at.  But in my dream world where I can draw anything I was as beautifully as I want?  Probably extremely decadent dark urban fantasy.  Probably with pirates.  Lots of pirates.  

2)What's your dream career and why?

Oh, god!  I want all the careers.  I should probably just be Carmelita Spats only without the meanness.  Here is what I would do: I would like to keep like 90% of the job I have now, but be able to work from home some of the time on more flexible hours so I could write and go to movies in the morning.  Ideally, I would like to write in a studio or collaborative setting because I really don't like being alone.  I would have time to spend more time at the barn and help out more with the bees and things.  I would sell hand-painted collaged furniture and weird scrap metal sculptures like the ones I used to make.  I would sing jazz one night a week and bartend at a very small but well-stocked bar with a curated beer selection two.  I would follow in my great-grandfather's footsteps and be a food critic on three of the remaining four nights in my week.  I would sell homemade ice cream from a cart in the summer on afternoons.  And I would teach middle schoolers about art three days a week.  Pretty much, I want to do everything that is awesome. 

3)If not New York, where?

Oh, god, well, you just caught me on the tail end of a fabulous time in New Orleans, so I want to say there, but there are a few other contenders.  London, Glasgow, Siena, San Francisco, Philly.  Oh, god, if I lived in Philly I would eat all my meals at Capogiro and be the world's fattest lady.  Which might be similar to the problem in Siena.  There's also the part of me that wants to live on a small farm and grow thyme and lavender and be a crazy chicken lady.  They have those, right?  

I have the problem of being a city girl who loves to garden.  It's hard to reconcile those two things, especially when you can't afford a place with rooftop access.

4)What do you think of technology in regards to social aspects? Does it help or hurt?

I think it does both.  People have this amazing gift to turn any tool into a blessing or a curse.  On my part, I have friends literally all over the world and I can go places I've never been before and already know someone there who will greet me with open arms and a smile.  I have friends come to visit me all the time and it's amazing when you know someone intimately but have not met face to face.  

The flipside of that is that many of my best friends live far away.  I spend too much time sometimes making time to talk to them and neglecting the need for sodality in my every day life, the kind that breeds a support network on a day to day basis, or the opportunity to make friends and meet new people.  It's very isolating at the same time that it has opened up my personal sphere of connection.  At the same time, being who I am, I suspect that if I did not have access to the technology I do, I would still choose solitary activities, and I would be way less likely to engage with people.  It's a balancing act, and one I'm still trying to figure out.  Before I had access to the internet, I sat in a corner and wrote or drew by myself and didn't have the added bonus of being able to type to people in a place where I didn't quiver in terror from...

5)What's your deepest fear?

Massive social anxiety go! Does that count?  I mean, that is what happens when you spend the first eleven years of your life being a complete social outcast.  I spent my entire childhood having people actively dislike me and now I still have a hard time believing people do like me.  I am a bit better about it now, but I'm always terrified I'm going to say one thing wrong and people are going to hate me.  This is less of an issue with people I am comfortable with and know, but people I've just met...here's the thing. I like almost everyone.  I love people and I love meeting new people.  But I am scared that they don't like me and are just waiting for me to stop running my jaw so they can go back to whatever they were doing.  And that leads to a lot of other fears, about not having people to depend on when I need something-- I'm afraid to ask people for help because I think I'll be putting them out, for example.  And fears about what I will be able to do when I am older and not able to do everything for myself.  Being someone who naturally gets energy from interacting with other people but who is scared to start interacting with them kind of sucks.

Also, I'm afraid of giant lobstermen taking their revenge and cracking OUR heads open with their mighty claws!  

Do you want me to ask you questions?  I don't know if I can ask five questions for every person who replies, but I will ask two?  Is two fair?  Comment back and I will give you two.  I promise these questions will be so awesome that you will not miss the other three.  Also, you can ask me more questions if you want to!  Things like "what is your favorite Dr. Seuss story?" or "how did you get that tremendous scar?" are both acceptable.  
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