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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
Hey, someone on facebook posted that they talked to quizzicalsphinx's sister in law and everyone is okay. Just wanted to let folks know, and I'll update if I hear more from her.

ETA: Talking to her right now and she says they are both okay, their house is still standing, they're not sure how as nothing else around them is. They're evacuated and on their way to Birmingham.

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And there is infinite rejoicing!

Hey, I need your postal address again! Message it to me? It is for the sending of candy!

So glad to hear they're safe and made it through ok.

Still sad to hear about all of the other people who haven't been so lucky, though.

I am SO glad they are okay. As someone who stalks tornadoes I did feel both scared and guilty when I saw this today. Damn what a disaster!

Oh good! I was worried.

oh thank god. I spent my whole day at work gnawing off my fingernails hoping there'd be an update when I got home...

She is in Birmingham. She said she'd try to call tonight if she doesn't get online, so I'll let you know if there's any new news.

There are some serious hallelujah's caught in my throat right now.

Thanks! I know, in advance, but still thanks.

er, "I know the thanks are in advance".

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