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New Orleans Hooray!

I took a couple days off work during my mama’s Easter break and the two of us went down to New Orleans!

I feel kind of silly because the whole time I was there I was like, OOH I need to post about this! But I didn’t really have a lot of time on the interwebs so that didn’t so much happened. And now I’m like, oh, umm, I guess posting about my cab ride on the way to the airport isn’t that exciting anyway, is it?

So here are the highlights:

1) There was something I was going to put in #1 and then I got distracted!

2) PARADES. We went to three parades, and only one was on purpose!

I don’t think my mom has ever been in New Orleans for a parade-oriented holiday, unless it was when I was really little and we were visiting my dad (he worked in New Orleans for a while when I was, like, two. I remember almost nothing of visiting except for the time my mother accidentally left me on an elevator, except for the eerie flash when I’m looking at something that looks strangely familiar). Anyway, the upshot was that she was super excited and a little girl we know back here in NY is getting a LOT of shiny beads.

We also got these:

Yeah, my mom arranged them on the hotel bed when I wasn’t there.

Specifically, we got this:

Watch the video. No, seriously.

3) I finally got all the split ends cut off my hair! Doing so cost less than a third of the discount price at Bumble & Bumble where the split ends were NOT cut off.

4) Green Goddess is ALWAYS one of my favorite things, and we ended up there every night that they were open from the time we landed. We were planning on going over Saturday, but then our flight got in an hour early and my mom wanted a drink, so I was like HEY I KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS.

Chef Chris is one of the awesomest chefs I know and you should go and eat his food.

Scotty is not only the awesomest bartender but one of the awesomest people I have the pleasure of knowing and all of you should go and have him make you drinks. When we came back on Saturday, I sat at the bar so we could chat (which mostly involves geeking out about liquor), and I told him about the Easter Peep Cocktail Tradition (God, that last one is the first one I did, and it was really pretty but kind of awful. There’s no picture of the third and probably best of the drinks, which was a rum and chocolate liqueur concoction with a chocolate peep in it, but I think that is from the Era of No Camera). And he told me that if I brought over Peeps the next day, he would make me one! Like I said, AWESOME.

It has Miller’s Gin, Crism Hibiscus, and Mandarine Napoleon in it, and it was super delicious.

5) But now I got ahead of myself, because before we went over there, we went over to Cure, which came on Brendan’s recommendation. He had been coming over to my desk and saying “Pancetta-wrapped figs!” to me. The only sad thing about this place is that it was like three blocks from [info]liret‘s old apartment, and I had never been there when she was living there. Because this place was like my porn:

So I texted photos to Brendan solely for the purpose of making him jealous (it worked!)

6) Then, on Monday, my mother and I went to the Museum of the American Cocktail:

It’s this little tiny place with a giant bar in it and all kinds of awesome cocktail stuff ranging from historic to kitschy. They had an absinthe display, and I found all my bottles (that they had; they didn’t have Tenneyson in the display)


I kind of took enough pictures of the displays in this place for a whole other post because I am that kind of nerd.

The only problem with last weekend is that it is over.

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