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Elements of Style

I just redid the layout on my LiveJournal for the first time since 2009. 2009? Yes, I think 2009. I redid my icon, too, and added a couple self-portrait icons.

I’m going to do my main blog tonight or this weekend.

I just figured that my artistic style has deviated a lot from what I was doing a couple of years ago, and it was time to make the style of my various web presences echo that. Also, my old icon made me feel like I was shouting a lot! Which I use a lot of exclamation points, so!


Anyway, it was lovely at lunch, so after eating and tooling around with the LJ CSS, I went for a walk in Central Park, and over to one of the big rocks that seems to generally be occupied by French tourists (I know, that is very specific for a rock) to read for a half hour.

On my way there, passing the statue at the Columbus Circle entrance to the park, I spotted a small, blue rectangle.

Curiosity got the better of me.

It was a reprint of one of the pre-White editions!

I closed the book, and left it, determining that maybe its owner would come back for it. I decided that if it was still there when I finished reading my chapter in my book, I would commandeer it for my own.

When I walked back, it was not there, but there were two people sitting where the book had been.

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