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Oh Easter Bunny!
cap, captain miss america

Yesterday, when my mother and I walked into the barn, it was pretty obvious that the Easter Bunny had been there.

What! The Easter Bunny is bringing grills now!

What is that, Easter Bunny!

Holy crap, that grill is bigger than my last apartment.

We made hot dogs for lunch, and then my mama and I went to the garden and weeded the shit out of that thing. We have so much asparagus this year; I am so excited for the asparagus. We also moved the mint to its own home so it stops killing my much more tender herbs– it was strangling the tarragon, which is not okay. A load of herbs made it through the winter, which made me excited– the horehound, the sorrel, two kinds of sage, the tarragon, lavender, mint and oregano. I’ve decided mint is like the insidious evil mastermind of the herbal kingdom. It smells and tastes delicious, so we don’t dig it out like the weed it is, and instead we let it come perilously close to murdering our tarragon. Evil!

Then I picked like a bajillion violets to try to make creme de violette, but after macerating the shit out of them, I think I need to pick a bajillion more tomorrow. The base for this stuff doesn’t taste even remotely violet-y enough. We will see how this goes. I may split a bottle of good vodka in threes and do a batch with fresh violets, a batch with violets macerated in syrup, and one with dried violets, and see if one is better than the other. If I have enough violets! Seriously, I picked like a hundred and fifty of them.

Then we decided to play with the Easter Bunny some more and made these:

That’s got blue cheese, mozzarella and bresaola with fresh arugula.

That one is smoked gouda, beer-steamed clams, and bacon. Yum!

Oh, the Easter Bunny also brings things for my father:

That is bright pink Burnett’s pink lemonade vodka. It smells and looks like nail polish remover. It tastes like nailpolish remover mixed with Crystal Light. I feel like I should make a post about the drinks I make for my father sometime. In case any of you want to drink like a fifteen year old girl.

Okay, time to check on my violets and then sleeping!

Please check my post about Helping victims of the tornadoes in Alabama if you haven't seen it yet.

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i think vodka in general tastes like acetone.. >_<;;; D loves the stuff. we have Stolichnaya on hand at all times. recently he got some polish vodka too... and now he's got a thing for scotch. typically he just drinks it with cranberry juice tho.

he made a hot toddy with it when he was sick last weekend, he had never heard of one before i suggested it that day! o_o he let me taste it.. it tasted like furniture polish and acetone. @3@ argh. he liked it and it made him feel a bit better tho.

i want to draw a picture of pretty herb-nyph-fairy things with cute little mint strangling tarragon. XDDD

Really good vodka doesn't taste like acetone, but it doesn't taste like much of anything else, either. There's actually a movement in small batch vodka right now that is kind of exciting me even though I'm not a vodka drinker, of using local ingredients and preserving flavor-- check out Heart of the Hudson, which is a vodka made out of local apples. (It doesn't hurt that it's made by my favorite whiskey distiller)

But yeah, not so much a fan of vodka, but I'm intrigued by this new direction. My father is not, though! He likes the chemically sweetened stuff.

heh, speaking as someone who certainly drinks like a 15 year old girl - that would be awesome. :D

I appreciate you and that and have no shame over my boozing habits! (or only a little tiny bit of shame)

What a good bunny!

Yay for asparagus and not having to buy it. It amazes me how tough some herbs are and how they make it through the winter.

I am so excited about the asparagus you have no idea! And very proud of my herbs!

Yesterday at Mitsuwa I got sparkling sake and peach flavored sparkling sake. I am afeared but also intrigued.

Oooh interesting. I'm not a big sake drinker, and I don't think I've ever had flavored or sparkling sake. But I have a lot of sake cups?

Well, of course you do, they're darling.

I really want some pink lemonade booze with some of that blue cheese pizza.

I am eating the leftover blue cheese pizza for lunch. You can have all the pink lemonade booze!

Did you leave him extra large carrots?

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