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I have the bestest friends!
So, this morning, whirled was talking about something to do with massages because we were talking about getting tattoos and where we will and won't get them. I have been planning to get a second for a while and recently have started thinking about a third (which might be the second since it's smaller and simpler! I want honeybees!).

Anyway, I mentioned that I've never actually gotten a massage. She was mortified, and then THIS showed up in my email!

Just to point out how awesome this is, whirled lives in Australia.  This spa is across the street from my office.  

So, yeah.  I know some pretty amazing people.  <3 <3

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I need to make an appointment at my local massage therapist's... she gave me a fabulous prenatal massage, so I'm going back. :D

Aw! I need to make an appointment at mine...BECAUSE I HAVE A GIFT CERTIFICATE.

i can't believe you haven't had a massage before! that's awesome that she was able to book one from australia! XD

mmmm... massage... :3

I just...I guess it's been a combination of not really being raised with those kinds of things, and not knowing what to ask for if I went to one! But, yes, whirled is freaking amazing!

How great is that!!! Massages are a little piece of heaven. Huggles!

Yes, I am so excited! I might go tomorrow at lunch!

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