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Daily Update

Now that I've gotten in the habit of writing more about what I'm doing every day (or almost every day), it feels much easier.

I met up with my mom last night to grab some dinner but more importantly because I had boiled some violets with sugar and vanilla up at the house and wanted them back. When I got out to Long Island, my mother had forgotten her keys. So sad, we had to go down the street and order a pitcher of sangria. There's this little place down the street from her that opened a few months ago, and they make really good jalea and ceviche, so we went there and munched on things until my dad got in with the keys. Then we made him finish the rest of the jalea because the plate they give you says it's for two people, but it's really for either four people or two giants.

Then I went home and watched Glee and started making a wedding present for our Marketing Director, during which process I wound up with a very nasty cut on my finger. You know when you get a really small cut on really sharp glass, and the cut is barely visible but the blood is everywhere? One of those. And no band-aids, so I sort of lumped Neosporin on it in and wrapped a tissue around my finger while I ran out to buy some. Of course, the drug store was closed!! Closed! This is what happens when you move to the Outer Boroughs, they have things that close! So I went to the grocery store, and bought myself more kombucha and band-aids and certain other items that I needed for this wedding gift which I will not disclose here because even though I'm pretty sure Mark doesn't read my LJ, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!

It doesn't spoil the surprise to say that this gift involves piloncillo, which is the most fun thing ever. I grated way too much of it just because I was having too much fun grating stuff.

Then I did something I never do and actually laid my clothes out for work. I've been having trouble sleeping and I figured it would be one step less in the morning when I was groggy.

Of course, then I woke up this morning and it was raining and totally inappropriate weather for the dress I had picked out. You can't wear satin in the rain! So I had to pick out clothing that would dry properly.

My asthma started acting up last night for the first time in a while, and I don't have an inhaler-- I have a prescription for an inhaler, but you can't actually inhale that.

I'm reading Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev right now and trying to power through it so I can get to the book rosefox loaned me. It's one of those books where I really wish I could like it because conceptually it should be right up my alley, but there's so much wrong with it that really drives me up a wall. The book uses a lot of Shakespearean characters in it and while their motivations are all correct (Ariel is trying to escape, for example), their characterizations in a lot of cases, especially the ones who are being used as major characters, are completely off. These are supposed to be characters from a specific time period who have lived trapped inside a theater and can't leave under any circumstance, but they sling around modern colloquialisms and have a perfect understanding of modern habits and tropes that have developed only in contemporary times and other things that people trapped within an insular society should not know, and it's driving me nuts.

Tonight, I'm going to the cupcake wine bar (yes this exists) with friends from high school, and then tomorrow I think I get to see gildedage which will be awesome! Friday, I'm heading down to Delaware for Mother's Day (and maybe a couple DFH test batches?! I hope I hope, since I just ran out of Saison du Buff.) spiralstairs, what is your Tues or Wed like next week? Those are the days I am free!
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