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Today's Update
cap, captain miss america
Here is the email that I got from my father:

Yesterday at lunch, I took full advantage of whirled's gift certificate and went to the spa for the massage. The massage therapist seemed thoroughly entertained by the fact that I had never been for a massage before and that I kept telling her that it was for adventure!

This place was trippy. They ask you what kind of music or sounds you want to hear (you can pick things like "opera" or "ocean sounds." I chose classical music in case the ocean sounds included manatee sex or something. Then you get to choose what the room smells like and they pump that smell in. I chose lavender and clary sage and rosemary and cinnamon, I think it was. I still smell like sage, even after a shower. The massage was pretty sweet, but it doesn't seem to have had any long-lasting effects on my physical well-being. I was sort of expecting that I would be all jiggly and loose in my shoulders for days, and I wasn't even jiggly and loose when I walked out of there. But it was fun! Adventure! Interrobang?!

After that, I went to Sweet Revenge and got sangria and a savory cupcake, which might mean this will be a three-sangria week, since gildedage and I may be going for tacos? Not because it is Cinco de Mayo, but because she wanted tacos and I know a good taco place.

Amy and Jo and Michelle were all there and it was nice chatting with them. I had a sweet cupcake, too, a coconut one, which was delicious. The baked goods were very good, but the drinks were a bit overpriced for what they were. It was more like a bakeshop with booze than like a bar with cupcakes, and I was hoping more for the bar with cupcakes. On our way out, we passed this place, and Amy was like, "would it be wrong to eat a cupcake and then get a popsicle for dessert?" Jo and Michelle thought it was, but I told her no, never, and we went to get popsicles. I got a grapefruit one, and so did Amy, but once they rang us up, they were like, "oh! It's our birthday, let's give you each a free coffee gelato pop!" Of course, neither of the other two ladies could be convinced to eat one, so Amy and I double-fisted the popsicles and it was kind of hilarious. She took pics, but hasn't sent them to me yet!

Then I went home, and noodled around on the computer for the rest of the night. Hooray!

Tonight, I get to take gildedage to this place. Art supplies!

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I've had massages that really kinda hurt and then I felt amaaazing after for days, I've had massages that were lovely and nice and made me feel great and then went away in like an hour or so.

So I suspect it depends on what you're looking for? If it's just for pampering, the latter is great, but if you actually want therapy - essentially - the former is better.

I've got a friend who is a massage therapist and I've been thinking about going to her--in just a few more days it will be officially ok for her to massage me! But I've heard great things from others about her skills and she's got such a good spirit. I've never had a real massage, either, but I think that just having some therapeutic touch for 15 minutes would do me good.

deep tissue massage HURTS, you spend two days feeling a bit sore, then all the tension comes out. it's awesome for pulled or sore muscles. it helps me a lot with the tension migraines i get.

sweddish massage feels great and relaxes me, but it doesn't really have lasting effects.

it's nice that they gave you aromatherapy stuff too! I love it when they use peppermint because i can BREATH. my nose always gets stuffy when i'm face down. XD

I've never gotten into the massage thing. I feel weird having a stranger touch me all over like that. I might like it better as just a shoulder massage instead of the full body thing. I'm not sure. My old job used to give the ladies spa packages at Christmas and give the men expensive booze. I told my boss I'd prefer the booze, but he thought I was kidding!

Now gelato on a stick on the other hand, sounds like something I'd fully endorse!

What's the Illuminati's first most sacred holiday?

My husband is a qualified masseur. It really does depend on what type you get how much you feel it and what it does for you. Regardless, they are fab!

Thanks again for the Peeps. The children have adored them and I have rather liked them too :o)

I've only had two massages, don't particularly like being touched but my doctor says I need another one. That place sounds relaxing anyway.

At least you've been eating well.

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