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Today's Update

I have been having a really hard time sleeping ever since I got back from New Orleans. It did something to my internal clock; I keep staying away till 2:30, which is 1:30 Central Time, which is approximately when I was going to bed while I was there. This is ridiculous since I spent four nights there and a billionty years here. Anyway, the result is that I'm overtired, having difficulty focusing, and have a hellacious headache.

Last night, gildedage and I met up, and I took her downtown to Pearl Paint to buy art supplies. Then, we did not get tacos, partly because tacos were far away, and partly because we decided we didn't need to be getting tacos on Cinco de Mayo. So we went to Lombardi's and got pizza. There was literally no wait, and then we went down to this basement room I didn't even know existed that was like a pizza bunker! So we had pints of Sweet Action and pizza with pancetta on it, and then we went out for cannoli We were out talking till 10pm which is late for me on a school night! Mere says she is going to set me up with a guy who messaged her on OKCupid, which I don't think is how OKCupid usually works, but since OKCupid has generally only been full of fail as far as I'm concerned, I figure maybe gaming the system might be better! Then she told me about her awesome date with a guy who ate a burrito.

Oh, and at one point we saw two guys wearing lederhosen. It wasn't like silly costume lederhosen, it was the real deal, and I was wondering if this was a new height in Brooklyn Hipster Irony, but then they both started speaking German to one another! Later, we saw a tiny marching band, as in one with few instruments, not as in one with tiny people.

Then I went home and read comics for a bit. One of the drawbacks of my job is that the last thing I often want to do at home is to read comics. I mean, it's all good because I read comics for probably a quarter of my day most days, but they're not necessarily the comics I would read if I had my druthers.

butterbuns, your box is in the mail! I hope you enjoy it.

That's about all I can think of. I'm leaving in less than an hour to go to Delaware for the weekend, and that will be swell! I don't know what we'll be up to but there will likely be seafood which is never bad.
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