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Julep Time!
cap, captain miss america

So keeping with the recent fresh flower blossom theme, i decided to add sage blossoms to my juleps this year:

Most people don’t eat sage flowers, even if they eat sage all the time. They’re very sagey, and a little minty, and a tiny bit sweet, and a really good addition to a salad, if you already grow sage and don’t do anything with the flowers. So I thought they’d be good in a julep.

3 oz bourbon
1 oz brown sugar simple syrup
1/2 cup of mint sprigs plus two for garnish
about 15 sage blossoms

Chill a julep cup or rocks glass
Add ice to a pitcher
Add all ingredients except mint for garnish
Muddle well, let sit about five minutes, stir and pour
Add mint for garnish

And here is me in my derby hat! I am rooting for Pants on Fire and Rosie Napravnik!

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(Deleted comment)
Sage flowers are awesome! And no one uses them for things.

That sounds like a brilliant addition to a julep!

I'll bet this was delicious, but I hope I never see a julep again for a while. I made 48 of the juleps on my menu last night. They just kept comin' man!

Hahaha I'm so sorry. At least most people only drink them the one day? The sage blossoms were awesome, though. You should have been here, we had softshells AND oysters, and amazing striped bass my cousin caught.

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