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Julep Time!

So keeping with the recent fresh flower blossom theme, i decided to add sage blossoms to my juleps this year:

Most people don’t eat sage flowers, even if they eat sage all the time. They’re very sagey, and a little minty, and a tiny bit sweet, and a really good addition to a salad, if you already grow sage and don’t do anything with the flowers. So I thought they’d be good in a julep.

3 oz bourbon
1 oz brown sugar simple syrup
1/2 cup of mint sprigs plus two for garnish
about 15 sage blossoms

Chill a julep cup or rocks glass
Add ice to a pitcher
Add all ingredients except mint for garnish
Muddle well, let sit about five minutes, stir and pour
Add mint for garnish

And here is me in my derby hat! I am rooting for Pants on Fire and Rosie Napravnik!

Mirrored from Antagonia.net.

Tags: bartending, bourbon, cocktails, food and drink, mint julep, recipes
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