tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

I just had a lovely day and or evening.

I got back from Delaware yesterday, and went for a nice walk for an hour that culminated in not doing anything but walking, although the original idea was to go to H-Mart for some of those marshmallows with the grape jelly in them. I don't know! I had a hankering. I got back and had some pasta with fava beans and cleaned my kitchen. Hooray, productivity!

I also cleaned up part of my bedroom, so now you can see some of the floor. And mixed myself a little drink with gin, Zucca, Tenneyson absinthe, which is one of my new favorite things, and a little rhubarb bitters.

I watched Fringe (HOLY CRAP MAN) and Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice from last week. Fringe and Grey's Anatomy made me cry! Aw. I would like to say I'm not ashamed, but I am a little.

Today, I got a lot done at work, and went to lunch with the usual Monday lunch folks, and we were outside and it was very pretty! And people, we NEED to have a cocktail party. Need, need, need.

I went back to work, and then went to my psych appointment. When I got out, I was thinking about heading to Astor Wines but I walked right into the makeshift food court in Madison Square, and had the most delicious ad hoc dinner of a hot dog on a pretzel bun with really good sauerkraut, an iced tea and a little vegetarian bun full of fresh veggies and tofu, and a little scoop of bitter chocolate ice cream. And I bought a bottle of hibiscus syrup which is exciting because getting hibiscus flowers to make the syrup myself is a pain in the butt. And I can use the ones I have right now to make liqueur instead :-P

It was just really lovely, standing there surrounded by all these people and bouncing around from stand to stand smelling all the things and picking things out to taste. It would be fun to go back with people! If I'd known it was there at lunch, I would have gotten some for lunch, too. Next week!

Also also, I have this huge bag of shoes at work. Not Betty Boop shoes, lady shoes that I either don't wear enough, or that don't fit me well enough. Mostly in black or brown. If you are a ladies' size 7.5-9 (Most in the bag are 8 or 8.5) and would like some shoes, let me know, and I will put some in a medium sized flat rate box for you. Some of them are exciting Victorian-looking-type shoes that are appropriate for cosplay. One of them is the ridiculously shiny pair of beribboned granny shoes I wore on American Idol, but that are actually way too small for my feet.

New Yorky Types: check out this post if you haven't already seen. I would love to see you on Thursday.
Tags: cocktails, food, life update, mail
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