tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Nooo Almost Fail!!!

Ahh less than an hour to post or I will fail to keep up with my post every day streak.

Not that it is a particular goal or anything but I am feeling quite pleased with myself.

So! Yesterday I worked on some of my freelance web work in the evening once I got home from my little street food adventure. Today at work! Oh, work. I got to color in pictures from Apartment 3-G. And whirled and I talked about transcontinental train trips which have always been a secret fantasy of mine. Someday, trains! Someday, you will be mine.

We have a lovely intern with us for the next couple of weeks, and I introduced her to how submissions work, and a little bit of the other stuff I do every day, then went to lunch with her and took her on a little walk in Central Park.

After work, I went over to Rina's to help her get ready for our panel on Thursday. I'm pretty confident this will all be good. I sort of salivated over their ever-growing bitters collection-- especially the Cardamom Bob's Bitters which were amazing. She had an open bottle of Lillet, which used to be the Drink of Choice at the art gallery back in the early early Netomat days, but which I pretty much haven't had at all since then, so I fooled around with that & the bitters for a while while we worked out Rina's technical difficulties.

Then I came home and noodled over a freelance issue that should have taken like ten minutes but the website it was on was built so badly initially that it took two hours. :-( And it really shouldn't have.

Now it is time to mix a drink and do my OWN prep for the Thursday panel. Possibly more later.
Tags: life update
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