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Updatey Thing
cap, captain miss america
I have this bruise on my hip. I don't know how I got it, but it's purple and awful and worst of all, hurts. It hurts when I sit. It hurts when I walk.

I suspect I got it from mass transit.

I also have a sore gum. The spot where I got a wisdom tooth out, like, three and a half years ago is all ouchy and swollen and raw and I don't know why.

That's my whining. I have a bottle of this and a bottle of this waiting for me at home, and then a bottle of this for Friday. And people coming to the house this weekend!

I went back to the food fair last night and took those shaved ice pictures, which is getting me so ready for ice cream and sorbet season. It has to begin! I have to think of flavor ideas. I'm going to be making some bacon toffee ice cream for liret and I want to try making an IPA ice cream.

I also had an amazing tiny cannoli. Nom!

Tonight is the panel I am moderating at MoCCA. Once again in case anyone is interested in hitting it up. I will report back tonight, likely, although I may go out with folks afterward. We'll see!

If you're interested in checking out some of the (mostly fiction) I have written over the past several months in therealljidol, I'm linking to some of my favorites:

--When Giant Beers Roamed The Earth
--The Fat Princess
--Joe and the Button Factory
--Level Five
--Sam and the Mermaids
--Puss in Boots, written in collaboration with alephz
--I Only Talk to the Dead Because They Don't Accuse Me of Witchcraft, written in collaboration with mstrobel

There's bunches more there, but these are probably the ones that are my favorites.

That is all for now! Smooches to everyone!

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public transit is so much fun isn't it? I've been smacked in the head, been thrown up on, been kicked, pushed, shoved and all those good things. sigh.

I need to read your stories!

I hope you like them.

And ugh. I've never been thrown up on but the rest of those have happened to me. It's the one thing I absolutely hate about where I live now.

Omg those bruises that hurt when you just MOVE, I hate those! And I always seem to randomly get them. At the moment though I just have one enormous cut on my finger that I didn't notice until I went to wash my hands and... ow, OW, OW WHAT THE?!

Your witchcraft story still remains the greatest thing since sliced bread :D

Ow, ouchie. Sometimes I think gremlins do them in our sleep.

And thank you so much. I did like the witchcraft story.

OK, I must be blind because I Didn't realize you were the-venacular.

Wow. Ok. Now I get it.

I only just told people! A lot of people didn't realize it, so it is cool!

Last week I had the most amazing Pale Ale Butterscotch Chip ice cream. I want to know how they made it.

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