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cap, captain miss america
kandigurl wrote a wonderful, inspirational post about how she didn't lose weight hooping. I just wanted to share that with everyone.

Yesterday I went to the drugstore and bought myself a little store of things I should have had in my desk but didn't, like maxi pads, chapstick, safety pins, dental floss, nail clippers. I have been working here two and a half years and didn't have these things. I also bought a big thing of antibacterial wipes because I don't think the cleaning staff cleans the surface of my desk. So now
i have a beautiful, clean work surface and a clean monitor and clean wristpad and everything. So pleased. I also mailed off a bunch of medical bills that I thought I had paid but apparently hadn't gone through on the internet pay thingy, so rather than risk that again, I sent checks.

I still have to get a new inhaler. I keep getting home so late that I don't want to do it at the pharmacy near my apartment, but I guess I should just suck it up and go and if I have to pick it up next day, I have to pick it up next day. I guess the good part about this is that it means I haven't had an asthma attack in a bajillionty years and I haven't even felt that wheezy.

I have a horrible headache that I've had for about two days now that just won't quit. Argh!

I just took myself out for some tacos. It was "wing day" in the cafeteria, which I think is honestly what they do when they can't think of anything else. And I'm very picky about my wings, and the ones in the cafeteria are definitely not up to my standards. So across the street for tacos it was. I was thinking about going to get gelato too but I was too full by the time the tacos were over.

I feel like there were more things I wanted to write about this morning, but I forget what they are now. Oh well! They will come back to me later if they are important.

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You are the 2nd person on my flist who talked about tacos and now I seriously want!

Aw! I would give you some tacos if I could.

Well, as if you weren't my favorite person on my f-list right now anyway, I stepped outside my house all gripped up over some things yesterday to go to work and checked my mailbox.


I know you didn't pick the specific day that you'd make my day, unless you have some sort of psychic abilities of which I'm aware, but the package I received was about the sweetest thing anyone's done for me in as long as I can remember. Like an early Christmas or something, I lost my mind.

Ahh, hooray, I'm glad it got there in one piece and I'm happy it made your day. I was a little worried that the honey jar would explode or something! <3

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