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Updatey Thing

So, today, I stayed home from work because I woke up at about 6:45 feeling atrociously atrocious. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I noodled around on the computer, called in sick to work, and ate a bunch of lemon lozenges the doctor at work gave me yesterday, then realized that the alarm that should have been waking me up was going off and took that as a sign that I should go back to bed. I holed up in my room and conked out for about four hours, then got up and noodled about a bit more and went to the grocery store to buy myself more fluids.

I I don't think I've drunk quite as much as yesterday, but:

80 oz water
30.5 oz R.W. Knudsen Grape Spritzer
22.3 oz San Pellegrino Limonata
20 oz Coca-Cola

Then I went to the drugstore and got a new inhaler, because I had a prescription for a new one, and I thought that might help. Holy god, did it ever. My new inhaler is possibly replacing all of you as my new best friend. It's like, puff, I have lungs now! Breathing! I can do it! Also, it's pretty obvious that this is related to my usual respiratory issues, and therefore I don't have to worry about the baby.

I took it pretty easy today, worked on some web stuff, and one of my LJ Idol entries, and did pretty much nothing else apart from eating some pasta with fiddleheads. Ah, fiddleheads, I love you so!

The most wonderful news of the day is that quizzicalsphinx is coming to visit me in June! In exactly three weeks! Eeeeee. I have not seen her for three years. And this is the first time I will have her all to myself and not a billionty people here. So much excitedment.

I am feeling way better now that I have my inhaler and stuff, so I will be going back to work tomorrow. Throat is mostly okay. My nose is running like it's training for a marathon, but a packet of tissues can deal with that. Definitely needed the day off, though. Definitely happy that I only have two days to work and then I'm off to Denver.
Tags: life update
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