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More Sicky Sicky Talk, plus bonus comic!
I am currently living from inhaler puff to inhaler puff. Like, seriously, counting the minutes until I'm allowed to have one again so I don't go over my dosage. In between puffs, the only thing that seems to really be helping is booze. Right now, I'm sipping pisco. I don't know what I'm going to do when I get to work tomorrow and can only drink non-alcoholic things. At least there's only one day left.

I actually felt way better when I went to work this morning. Now I feel way worse. It's like my lungs are heavy and thick and full of fog. I'm watching for the crunchy lung sound that means bronchitis, but I don't have that yet, so whew. I'm hoping I'll get out to Colorado and this will magically clear up when I am in the land of different allergens.

I signed my lease renewal, which is really exciting for me because it's the first time since 2003 that I am not moving at least once in a year. I am going to live a whole year in the same place! Of course, just thinking that starts making me a little itchy to move. And you know when I didn't have asthma? WHEN I LIVED IN BOSTON. Not that I would want to move back there, but the lure of being able to breathe makes moving away seem very seductive. I wish I had a job where I could move around, because I don't think I'll ever be the kind of person who can stay in the same place for more than a few years. It just seems so unadventuresome.

But that's just anxiety from signing the lease, I think! I'm happy about the prospect of not packing up my shit for once.

In other news, LJ Idol requires three entries this week? I honestly am not sure I'm going to finish them, what with being so sick, but I'm surely going to try. I posted my first, which starts with a rendition of one of my favorite folktales in comic form. You can read it here.

I have more to say on that subject, but for now I need to sleep! <3 <3 everyone!

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For the longest time, I was so used to moving from place to place, an eighteen-month stay at the most, that I didn't bother to unpack at the last apartment I lived in. For six years.

Aw, man. The idea of living in the same place for six years is both appealing and terrifying.

I seem tone suffering from the same ick this week. I get allergies evry year, but this is the first time in about ten years that it's triggered my asthma, and I no longer have an inhaler to help. I may have to remedy that tomorrow if I don't improve. It feels like my lungs are heavy and I can't take more than half a breath :(

The pollen count is supposed to be like the highest in recorded history or something! I have found this crazy combination of air conditioning and humidifying (which is crazy largely because the air conditioning is there to suck the humidity OUT of the air) that seems to make it bearable to sleep.

And yeah, it feels like my lungs are coated in goo!

Ack! So sorry you are feeling so sick?

Are you just on Albuterol inhalers? Do you ever take Advair?

Hey! I am working on your site right now!

I am on Albuterol, or whatever the new version of it is-- it's called Ventolin. I used to be on Advair, back in like 2006 I think? But my asthma has not been this bad in ages. It's really doing a number on me!

Oh, and thanks! I am actually feeling better than I was last night. I am hoping that going to Denver and being around totally different allergens will help.

Edited at 2011-05-19 10:07 pm (UTC)

No worries!

I also suffer from bad allergies and asthma. I find that once I'm having really bad attacks the albuterol/ventolin will only do so much. It's good to have the Advair around for preventive measures when the season is this bad!

Also 180mg of Allegra which is now available over the counter has been a huge help this year!

Yeah, if it's still bad after this weekend I think I am going to have to go get some Advair again.

I went and got the Allegra, thanks for the recommendation. It seems to be doing way better than the Claritin.

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