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Things besides being sick?
cap, captain miss america
There is them! God, this must be the boringest boring ever to boring these days. "What's Tea up to?" "Oh! She's still coughin' and shit!" "Gosh, what an exciting life she leads!"

I am going to Colorado tomorrow. I was supposed to be leaving bright and early and getting in in time for lunch at the restaurant, but our flight got cancelled and we're getting put on an early afternoon flight and getting in at 3...which is in time for drinks?

I'm pretty bummed because I had to drop out of Plans To Socialize twice this week, on account of my bronchii hating me. Especially when I have a New Giant Bag of Boop. Every time the underside of my desk gets emptied of Boop, there is more to take its place. The Boop merchandise is like the head of the Hydra, or something.

I still feel kind of wretched, but I'm not nearly as bad as I was yesterday, even though once an hour or so I get one of those wretching coughing fits that makes me feel like Camille or something. Pollen count, please drop soon? I think I might make an appointment to see an allergist when I get back.

Oh! gildedage and I went to see Something Borrowed last night. It was not a movie either of us felt very strongly about seeing, but the things we did want to see either turned out to have been misleadingly labeled as 3-D when they were not 3-D, or only showing late at night, or didn't have enough priests fighting vampires in them.

This movie was fascinating because there is not a single likable person in the whole thing except for one of the supporting characters, and even he's kind of a jerk at points. Like, you just want to throttle them all. They reminded me of every person I have ever not liked in my life. It leaves me a little frightened, though, that it might secretly be a masterpiece of contemporary something or other, because, hey, look at Brideshead Revisited and Wuthering Heights. Those are chock full of horrible, nasty characters!

We also happened to see the CC screening. It was kind of neat because the movie has a very robust 1990s nostalgia soundtrack. The nineties! Who is nostalgic for those? Anyway, the closed captioning tells you the name and artist of every song that plays, and the lyrics, so you could see how appropriate the songs were to the scenes in which they were played.

Then we went out for Thai food and I had delicious soup and lots of ginger in my tofu to try to fix my sinuses. They, alas, were not fixed, and by the time I got home, I was sicker than I had been before. But I soldiered on and went to work today and all that good stuff!

I also have two cocktails to post, but those get posted from my regular blog, where I will not be whining about my rogue bronchii.

There's also another story over at my writing journal. No comics, just some writin'.

And with that, I must to bed! Excitement and adventure awaits! In sunny Colorado!

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You forgot (PANTING) when they were kissing. That was the best.

Katie had been talking about maybe wanting to go see Something Borrowed which I wasn't too keen on. I will further avoid it!

And yes, 3 is in time for drinks!

I read the book and felt the same way about the characters. These were people I'd hate in real life.

Yeah, I don't like entertainment based on no-one fucking well talking to each other and then we're supposed expect that nasty behaviors are OK because the main character is the main character, which automatically makes them good, and it's DES-TIN-NEEEEEEE!

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