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My arrival home was marked by the dim realization that, since I had spent the week previous suffering at the hands of my eeeevil bronchii, I had not. picked. up. anything. at. all. Seriously. My apartment looked like the only place the Rapture actually happened, and apparently when the Lord called up all his chosen children, they left dirty tissues and empty glasses and drink bottles all over. It was like a secret beverage burial ground.

I cleaned up a bit, but it's not quite finished. This is one of those times when I sincerely wish I could afford to pay someone to clean for me. Or could find someone to live with who likes to clean in exchange for cooking. I am so bad at it. So, so bad.

Today, when I left for work, I forgot to bring my inhaler, because I pretty much didn't need it after the first night in Denver. And my lungs pretty much instantly clogged up again. Ugh.

Anyway, I had a nice lunch with a very small contingent of the Madison Square Lunch crowd, which was extra nice because I missed lunch last week due to lung gunk. And I had a lot of Betty Boop stuff to bestow on people.

I went to the psychologist, and that was nice, and I talked to her about some of the stuff in my last (friendslocked) post. Then I went out to the little food tent enclave that is still in Madison Square (the one with the shaved ice guy I took pictures of) and got a pretzel dog.

Pretzel dogs are my guilty pleasure horrible snack food. Every once in a while I'll just get a desperate, crazy urge for a pretzel dog that can't otherwise be sated. But these are on homemade fresh pretzels, and topped with homemade sauerkraut that is really good. So I had that and a beer, and headed home on the subway.

I finished the book rosefox loaned me (thank you!) right before I got to the doctor. It was a very dense book and took me a long time to read. I'm still mulling over my feelings about it, which are mixed. It read like oral narrative, if that makes any sense, and I think that threw me a bit. The narrator had a habit of explaining to the reader what was going to happen before it did, and I felt like the parts of the story that I personally would have been most interested to read were summarized in not quite enough detail for me, especially when a lot of other things were described minutely. But I liked the protagonist and a lot of the world-building in it.

Anyway, when I got to the subway, I decided not to start a new book, and instead I just sat and thought thinking things. Nothing much of really any substance, mostly I made up little songs in my head.

Oh! And also also, I got an email about my blog today (and a comment from the same dude!). Usually when I get emails about my blog, they're "Increase traffic for just $29.95!" emails or whatever. This is what I got today:


i saw your blog and you have beautiful one.

also, you have beautiful long hair, but if you want to change style, may be you can cut it.

hope talking to you soon .


[signed here]

Very nice of him to send a note, but the subject matter is a little creepy. Okay, dude, of all the things on my blog that you could have chosen to comment on, you picked my hair. He commented on my hair on the blog, too. Okay then! He can go be friends with the guy who tried to touch my hair on the way home the other night and then got shirty and shouted at me when I ducked out of the way. I think I forgot to write about that, it was one night when I was out with Rina. At least it happens less in Queens than it did in Manhattan, although there was another crazy hair lady in the past couple weeks too.

Now I think it is time to do some more apartment cleaning. If I start now, maybe it will not be ridiculously filthy by the time Lynette comes, Y/Y?
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