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Beatrice & Woodsley & Brunch

So, on Saturday, I went to my cousin Erin’s bridal shower. It was at this restaurant called Beatrice & Woodsley in Denver.

It’s this funny place, because you’re walking down the street and there’s nothing there. It’s like, a completely boring looking storefront.

Then you walk inside:

So pretty! They have this story about how Woodsley was a woodcutter who built a cabin in the mountains for Beatrice, his sweetheart who was the daughter of a vintner. I was a little disappointed when I found out the story wasn’t much more detailed than that. But the place was neato.

I don’t know really if the food stands up to it, because what we had was delicious, but it was all little finger sandwiches. The cocktails were good but mostly not really my style, apart from this one:

It was an earl grey infused gin with lemon. It was exciting for me because I have a bottle of early grey liqueur I made a couple months ago.

Anyway, the party was adorable and Erin wore this cutesy cutesy princess dress to go with the decor. I meant to get a picture but I forgot!

On Sunday morning, we went back over to Encore for brunch.


The most epic hash ever! Pork belly hash!

Blueberry-lemon ricotta pancake!

Absolutely RIDICULOUS apricot french toast. I would eat this every day. Maybe twice, except that I was so full, I didn’t eat until lunch the next day.

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