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Lunchytime update

I have got to kick this sleep thing. I went to bed after 2:30 last night. So bad, Tea! So bad!

I did wake up on time this morning, but then I got out of the shower and it was already 8:40 (read: later than I left yesterday when I woke up at 8:20), and I don't know how that happened, short of there being a time warp or a fold in the fabric of spacetime or something in my shower!

I meant to write something yesterday in my dress post about my philosophy of the importance of wearing colors when you live in New York, but it's okay that I didn't because I am actually wearing black today. And pearls. It's a very Holly Golightly day, I guess.

I had a nice lunch. I went to Central Park and found a nice rock in the shade and ate my sandwich, but about three quarters of the way through my sandwich, I got bored with it, so I discarded the last few bites and dragged my behind off to Grom for gelato instead.

I think it's time to get the ice cream maker out tonight after I get back from the rum tasting at Astor.

Do you think it is wrong if I eat gelato for all my lunches for the foreseeable future?

I agree.

In other news, for this week of LJ Idol, I need to revise a previous entry. The entry I need to revise is this one.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. What do you like? What don't you like?

It was chosen from three entries as my weakest of the week. The other two are this, which I personally thought was my weakest, and this, which I think everyone thought was my strongest. So feedback in particular relating to how these entries compare would be most welcome, too.

I love everyone! <3 Have a good day!
Tags: gelato, life updates, lj idol, photos
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