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Things and Stuff
cap, captain miss america
Grrr, so I had a whole lovely entry typed out and LJ ate it. I am sure it was a delicious entry or something, but it could have left some for me.

I have a bunch more stuff to post in an "official" blog post, but this one is just for LJ. Official blog post is going to wait till tomorrow. It will have a rum cocktail and possibly some other things. Who knows?!

Anyway, these are the things for LJ!

1) I have been incrementally going back through my LiveJournal and making a lot of posts that used to be friends-only public. I've also been making a lot of posts that were on special special filters into friends-only posts. I think I have done from December 2001 when I started this LJ up to halfway through 2005. Sound like fun? I think it does. I tried to be careful not to make posts public if people who commented shared personal information, but mostly these weren't very deeply personal posts, I just, for various reasons pertaining to my own personal life at the time, locked a lot of things I would never dream of locking now. I don't know that anyone would ever want to trawl through my LJ, but if you want to see things like entertaining poems I wrote when I was 15, or pictures of me and liret dressed as pirates, these things are free and open to the public now!

2) It's that time of year again when I clean out my closet because I am getting out my summer clothes and packing up my winter ones. So I have a huge pile of clothes I would like to get rid of, and some shoes. The shoes are mostly 8 or 8 1/2 with a couple 7 1/2 and a couple 9s and mostly heeled. The clothing is mostly a size 6 or a size small/medium, with some 4s, some 8s, and one or two 10s. If anyone is curious about clothes, let me know and I can take pictures of stuff or just send you a surprise box. I also have various Betty Boop and Popeye items for the discerning whatever you are. As always, the only charge is whatever it costs to ship, and if you can't afford that, please just let me know privately.

3) Most of you probably don't know this, but I quit drinking coffee when I was 17. I was at the point where I needed two 20 oz thermoses of it a day just to function (I preferred caffeine to sleep in those days), and I realized this was bad, so I quit. In the past fifteen years, I have had maybe a few Starbucks-style frozen gooey coffee drinks, a couple of really good cappuccinos in Italy, and that is pretty much the extent of my coffee drinking. But now with my asthma so bad, I've been trying to slurp up a lot of caffeine because it helps. And I'm concerned about drinking so much soda because of all the sugar (also it makes your mouth taste gross after a while), so I actually drank more iced coffee this weekend than I think I have had in the past fifteen years. Anyway, I'm thinking about getting a French press, so I can make coffee at home and electric coffee pots just confuse me. I would like to enlist you all to suggest coffees. I would like ones that come already ground, coarse ground of course for the press, and prefer fair trade/rainforest friendly.

4) I wrote a story for LJ Idol this week. First, I wrote this entry, and then I had to revise it, and I revised it into a very different story.

As always, there is a poll where you can read all the entries (there are only 16) and vote. Please consider dropping me a vote! I am the_vernacular.

Poll #1746529 LJ Idol, Season Seven, Week Twenty-Six
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The Ballot:


The poll is open until Wednesday.

theafaye also did this really sweet thing for all the people still in the game. It's a place to leave nice messages for all of us. It's right here, in case you've been following along and would like to say something. I'm going to try to, as soon as I finish up some work that needs doing!

<3 <3 everybody! Have a wonderful week! Mine starts tomorrow on account of a holiday for Memorial Day today.

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If you buy it from a local roaster or any coffee shop that sells it whole bean, they can usually coarse-grind it for you right then and there. And stores usually have some "store brand" or Millstone (cheapy-cheap, not the best quality but still not the worst).

I think you might invest in a coffee grinder and buy whole bean. It only takes a few seconds, and I know that having my coffee fresh-ground changed a LOT of the taste for me. Also, I've owned three French Presses and all three of them needed slight differences in how you grind to not get gritty stuff in your coffee.

We try to buy from local roasters now, so it might be cool to see if there are any around... I'm under the impression that all things that are possible in this world must exist SOMEWHERE in NYC :D Based on my (short) glimpse.

Whatever you do, do not buy Starbucks coffee unless it is a very light blend, and then tell yourself it's actually mild/medium, because that's what it really is. The only Starbucks coffee I really like to buy is the Gazebo blend, only out in the summer. But it's delightful and very light-tasting nad perfect... everything else is just too over-roasted.

My favorite "basic" blends are breakfast blends (lighter coffees), because I tend to drink quite a bit and dark coffee is just too much.

Obviously people will declare the Kona and Blue Mountain stuff teh best. And frankly, Blue Mountain, if you can get it pure, IS the best coffee I've ever tasted. But I was only ever able to find it in Jamaica. The Blue Mountain blends you get in the USA are usually something like 25% actual Blue Mountain beans and it is jsut not the same.

I forgot the add: the gazebo blend? Also really good for making iced coffee. In fact, that's what Starbucks developed it for, so it works absolutely perfectly.

Oh, that is what I'm looking for! You read my mind.

I'm not getting a grinder quite yet because I don't intend on being a regular coffee drinker-- I plan on just keeping it on reserve for when my asthma gets really bad, which I hope will only be a few weeks out of the year at most!

As a kid, I drank much, much darker coffee than most American coffees. I just realized that and I forgot about all the variation in coffee! This is the problem with trying to get into things that you have absolutely no experience with.

Any suggestions as far as iced coffee?

If you'd be open to tea as an option, there are some really caffeinated teas. I know Tazo Awake tea kept me going through a whole six months of working nights, and there are some loose leaf black tea varieties that have a real kick in the pants. Tea isn't quite up there at coffee level of caffeine, so it might not be as addicting, and it doesn't have all the junk soda does.

I already drink tea by the bucketful! I'm actually looking for stuff that is more caffeinated because I need it for the medicinal properties! But if you know of teas that are heavily caffeinated (I know some black teas have more caffeine than some coffees), I would be very excited to try them.

(Deleted comment)
No! I literally only tried drinking coffee this weekend, but I drink Thai iced tea quite a lot, which is similar but with tea.

I would be open to clothes again! I think everyone I know in Austin picked through the box I got last time. There were like, 2 unclaimed things that went to Goodwill.

Okay, awesome, I have a few sweet things I can send you. Also if you have anyone who is a size 8 in shoes I can send some shoes!

:DDD I'm a 7 1/2 shoe and I think Brenna is like a 9 but I'll ask the other girls and see if anyone is an 8 or not.

I have asked around and we do indeed have a couple 8s. And I will cross my fingers that some might be small 8s and fit me. ;)

I think you should just link directly to the post of you and liret as pirates so that we don't have to dig.

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