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Sunday Afternoon Update
cap, captain miss america

So, I’m working on a post about (growing and eating) native strawberries, because the strawberries are redonkulously good this year, but before we get to that, a few highlights of the weekend, at random!

I am sitting and sipping some delicious jasmine iced tea with honey courtesy of our bees. It has been a good weekend, full of things like marigold planting and making pulled pork on the new grill.

Chick update:

They are starting to look like tiny chickens! They’re developing colors and markings and itty bitty chicken wings. That red one is my favorite, if we are going by looks. So cute! The cat is getting a bit angry about the presence of small animals she is not allowed to eat though.

Whilst gardening this weekend, I made a new friend:

Oh my god! He is metallic! I love him so much. He ran away, though, I think largely for fear of the cat. The cat caught a luna moth last night. A luna moth. A huge honking luna moth.

We were watching last night, and the cat was looking up at this gigantic thing as it swooped through the air. She jumped up once, and clearly did not come even close to getting it, but then the moth started diving closer and closer to her. It was seriously like it was playing “nyah nyah you can’t get me,” with the cat! I wish I had a picture. Then the thing literally swept right above the cat’s nose, and that was it, pounce, the moth was toast. She trotted off happily with this giant moth swinging from her teeth to do I know not what to her prey!

Today, I went to the sporting goods store with my mom to finally buy a bike helmet. My parents bought me a new bike for Christmas, now that I live in Queens and not Manhattan, and I am super excited by it, but no helmet! And even Queens is not safe enough to navigate without a helmet. So I went and got one!

Eee, hooray! Now I get to ride my bike. This is going to make getting between Queens and Brooklyn super shiny, at least for the summer! I got a mega awesome looking bike lock of Man in the Iron Mask proportions, and a hand pump, too.

So that’s it for now! Later or tomorrow, look forward to strawberries!

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(Deleted comment)
Yes they are teeny chickens! It is so exciting! I just went to feed them and they now no longer wait for me to put food in their bowl, they extend their little chicken necks up to peck it out of the ladle.

I want Mr. Frog to come back. He was so handsome. So handsome.

They have real feathers on the wings oh my gosh.

They do they do! They grow up so faaaast.


CHICKENS!!!!!1 omg :D

And yay helmet! In Australia, there are laws about wearing bike helmets so it always kind of weirds me out a little when I see people riding in Europe without them.

There are laws here, too, but people pretty much ignore them if they are in the suburbs. It's also a state-by-state or city-by-city type thing, so you never know where helmets will be demanded!

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