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Holy crap, older than Jesus!
cap, captain miss america
I am going to be 33 this summer!

People! I would like to do something awesome for my birthday. Make recommendations. Plausible recommendations are dependent on budgetary consideration and the assumption that I can take two, maybe three days off work at the most. I do have a weekend birthday this year, so figure that means four or five days of excitement.

Local people, feel free to recommend local whatnots, which can probably be done independently of anything else I do, as I would of course love to have birthday shenanigans with all of you!

Let's talk about what a nerd I am. Here is my list of things I want for my birthday:

1) a new desk chair
2) a cask from Tuthilltown (which is where I went for my birthday last year)
3) Pretty much every bitters sold at Cocktail Kingdom sells that I don't already own.
4) A real gelato maker, so I'm not stuck with my $25 ice cream maker for the rest of eternity.
5) Original art for my walls.

Is that too much for a lady to ask for?

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I guess this is silly because I don't know if this is something that interests you at all.

I turned 33 in May.

And IF IT WERE ME (this may not interest you) and I had the funds and lived where you did, I would do this:

(info found here: http://www.eomega.org/omega/workshops/3a8426fe590b2c65684b64a405cdfc97/ )

The memoir has become America’s most popular read. So why is it so hard to write one? Marge Piercy and Ira Wood have worked with thousands of writers, many of whom have gone on to publish. This workshop offers you personal access to two gifted writers and former publishers to help you hone your own skills, and get your own work in print and online.

This hands-on intensive is dedicated to teaching the elements of the writer’s craft, and putting those techniques to use. The focus is on writing and critique—and you come away with great ideas to complete at home and the inspiration to keep going.

Piercy and Wood show you how to overcome inner censors; how to determine when you can embellish and when you need to stick to the truth; and how to begin to tell a story that took years in the living.

Through short lectures and exercises, we concentrate on creating gripping beginnings; mastering dialogue; dealing with painful material without coming off as a victim; recovering childhood memories; employing narrative strategies for organizing our experiences; and improving work habits.

Writers at any level of experience are welcome. After the workshop, participants will be invited to join Memoir Lab, an online home for feedback and community.

Required reading: Piercy and Wood, So You Want To Write.
Marge Piercy is the author of 17 novels, 17 books of poetry, and her highly acclaimed memoir, Sleeping With Cats. margepiercy.com

Ira Wood has authored three autobiographical novels. His work emphasizes humor, deeply personal material, and overcoming the difficulties of writing about family. irawood.com

Course: SM11-3502-473
August 5 - 7, 2011
Rhinebeck, New York
Tuition: $295


Have you ever read Marge Piercy's work? She is one of my favorite authors of all time. Her poetry, fiction and her memoir are just...amazing.

It may not be your thing but I do recommend her work if you ever want to read it.

Either way, have an AMAZING birthday!!

I actually have read some of Marge Piercy's books! And her poetry; I think I quite liked it.

Anyway, I think that sounds awesome, apart from the bit where I would be spending my birthday taking a class! I have an indoor office job, so I'm looking more for something that is different from that! If it were not my birthday, I would do it in a second!

A hot air balloon ride!!! With fancy cheeses and wines!!

OH - THAT IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA! I went on a hot air balloon ride about 6 or 7 years ago and it was amazing.

I've always wanted to try it!! It seems like it'd be so quiet and peaceful.

Oh my god that is an awesome idea!

A couple days ago, a hot air balloon company was selling groupons and I WAS SO TEMPTED ZOMG.

I turn 33 in August myself. This year, I'm spending it camping, which suits me fine because normally, my birthday is awful each year. This way, I don't have to worry about throwing myself a party.

I love my ice cream maker. We made strawberry last week, and it turned out great :)

Don't get me wrong, I love my ice cream maker, too, but there are certain things that simply can't be accomplished with a regular consumer-grade ice cream maker. And this is my third year of making ice creams, so I'm really pushing the limits of what I can do without giving myself a larger range of experimentation.

That sounds like a fabulous birthday wish-list!

I'd probably see a Broadway play or an opera -- but then again, I'm REALLY into that kind of thing! :D

Oooh, excellent! I live in NYC, though, so that is more of an "anytime" thing. Good idea, though. I need to see more live theater.

All the awesome local things I can think of, you have already done already. Being awesome on a regular basis makes being extra-birthday-awesome challenging! But I will think hard.

Omg go on a trip! A nearby city that you'd like to visit. A cheap bus should be available. Or spend a long weekend on the beach.

A trip was one thing I have in mind, but not any trip hat involves buses or beaches because both of those things are probably circles of my personal hell.

Happy (early) Birthday!

I have this present for you that I've been sitting on since last summer, basically because I'm not sure you'll like it and I don't want to make you feel awkward because it is a clothing. Do you want me to spoil the surprise and send a picture, or should I just send it on over and risk your disappointment?

I like surprises! I don't think it would make me feel awkward as long as it fits?! Even if it doesn't fit, I will enjoy the sentiment. That is so sweet of you.

Haha, OK, well at least I warned you ;) Let me know where to send it!

We should do something! I don't know what, but there's time to think about it.

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