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Holy Subway What!
cap, captain miss america

So I left my doctor's appointment tonight and decided to see if I could run to Kalystyan's before it closes. I did not make it on time!

So then I walked up to the 34th street 6 stop, because it was nice out, and got on the subway there. And promptly forgot that I only had to go one stop. I was way too engrossed in Angry Birds!

Then I left the subway and got on the DOWNTOWN one to go back the stops I missed. At which point, promptly just before reaching the station where I needed to change to the 7 train, SOMEONE ACTIVATED THE EMERGENCY BREAK.

It was like all the fates were conspiring to make it take an hour to get home. If only I hadn't walked! If only I hadn't been so darn engrossed in Angry Birds.


In other news, My LJ Idol entry for this week is one I am particularly proud of. It's interactive! Interactive! Thus, you should go there and interact.

You can also vote for it, but only if you are a member of therealljidol If you are a member, or are willing to join to vote, the poll is

Poll #1749660 LJ Idol, Season Seven, Week Twenty-Seven
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:


As always, I am the_vernacular. You should consider reading and enjoying and possibly voting for the many other fine entries, as well. Mostly, though, I would just be tickled if you read my entry and interact with the interactivity!

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HEY! I want to buy a bunch of these guys and play Angry Birds in real life.

By throwing them at each other. With my hands.

I want someone to make me this:

I agree. While I am waiting for it, I am training my two week old baby chicks to attack anything that goes oink.

I believe a certain amount of slingshot training can be avoided if they can walk and/or fly.

You can totally order an Angry Birds cake in Malaysia

The link doesn't work, but OF COURSE YOU CAN!

I suspect you can here, but I am too lazy to go looking.

Weird. Works for me. Maybe their albums are "friends only" sort of thing? This is the shop's FB page.

Angry birds - danger to every day life, especially commuting

Edited at 2011-06-07 03:00 pm (UTC)

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