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Chicken Adventure
cap, captain miss america

Man, it has been a while since I posted anything of substance!

Anyway, I have something like six cocktails in the backlog, three of which are made with fresh strawberries, and some strawberry photos and stuff, but for now, we have CHICKIES.

So, this weekend, the chickies were getting a little too large for their box:

You can see just how big they are getting compared to last week! Oh my goodness, they look like tiny ostriches! Here they are playing on the porch:

Excellent, no? So we decided it was time to move them to the chicken coop (yes, we have a chicken coop).

We went to Agway! It was exciting, because there is a whole Poultry Section full of things for your chickens. This is my new favorite store!

Here is a waterer and a feeder! We got these things for our chickens!

And here are the mealworm treats I wanted to buy for them. Don’t they look delicious? My mother, on the other hand, said “Ewww!” and we did not purchase these.

Here’s our car, all full of chickeny stuff to take home to the babies!

And here are the babies in their new house, hooray!

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They are the best! I just want to cuddle them all day.

i hope you get the meal worms and they like them. there is nothing funnier than an excited chicken!

Yes there is! Two excited chickens!

Oh gosh I hope so, too. I will feed them so many mealworms.

They're so fluffy. And their faces already look like chicken faces! It is like they went from baby to toddler and now they are off starting school and walking around on their gigantic chicken feet.

I would have such a hard time not cuddling them.

Yes, they are awkward pre-adolescent chickens!

You can cuddle them! But hurry, they will be big soon.

This is so adorable I don't even know... *flails*. Just look at their tiny faces!

They love you and want to peck you!

I love baby chickens. What kind are they? I raised chickens for like fifteen years. I hope they do well in their new environment.

We don't know what kind they are; we got them as eggs from a farm that has many breeds, so it will be a surprise. We're planning on getting a couple of Rhode Island Red hens, though, too. Adult hens.

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