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Babies Step Out and the New Ladies!

So, last week, when I left off, we had left the chicks happily in their new coop. A coop! All for them. My parents had a very busy week, so we didn’t get up here to check on them, and I have to admit I was a little terrified we might open the coop and find six little dead chickie-babies, and I would have been mortified beyond all knowing!

But this was not the case! We opened the coop to THIS!

SO BIG. Look how big! They are seriously more chickeny than chickie now, which is kind of exciting, even though they have a good four months before they’re full grown. CHICKIES.

Now, our chickies have been out of doors very little. Most of their experience with the outside has been in a large plastic tub with a screen over the top, because they have been very tiny and our cat has been very transparent in her plot to attempt to eat them. But now they have a fenced-in coop, surrounded by sturdy chicken wire that is actually being used for its LITERAL purpose! So, for the first time, we opened the door into the henyard to let them out into the world!

The chicks were very suspicious and/or skeptical of this new freedom, and they hovered cautiously at the door to the henhouse for a while. A long while. Long enough that I took a shower and got dressed and came downstairs and they still hadn’t come out.

Two of the chicks, the little redheaded one who is my chickeny avatar because her hair is the same color as mine (we don’t know that they are ladies yet, but we are using female pronouns to encourage them in that direction since ladies can lay eggs and roosters just break zoning laws), and a brown speckled one which the second graders named “Chick Louisey” seemed to be the most likely candidates for “first out of the henhouse.”

In the end, it was Chick Louisey who came out first!

The little redheaded hen came out pretty quickly after, once she knew it was safe. THEY ARE LIKE PENGUINS!

Here’s just what I thought was an exceptionally adorable picture of Chick Louisey sunning herself on the, er, gangplank. Is there a chickeny name for it? I don’t know! Little Redheaded Chick hopped right off and went to work pecking the dirt as chickens are wont to do, but Chick Louisey seemed mostly content to sit where she was. One step out was quite enough, thank you!

Ever since we got the chicks, my dad has been talking about how much he really wanted Rhode Island Reds, which our chicks are not, so, for Father’s Day, my mother and I went to one of the farms up the road and came back with…

Four birds! Two pullets (young hens who have not started laying yet) and two year-old layers! The older hens are Not Amused by the little chickies antics, but I suspect they’ll survive. I do keep expecting one of them to should “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

That is all! Hooray for chickens!

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