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cap, captain miss america
I have exciting photos I will be posting later, plus a huge backlog of cocktails, including a drink I made last night that was so good it ought to be framed. I actually got my mother to gush over a vodka drink, people!

Anyway, had a nice weekend, nice Father's Day, not very eventful but very productive. I love just being out in the garden in the sun planting things and doing things.

There's also this hill in the yard, between the garden and the house. It's not a very steep hill, more of a gentle roll. But it is just steep enough. For what, do you ask? Well, I'm sure many of you (those of you who encountered hills in your childhood) have done the thing where you lie at the top of a hill, and start rolling, and the inertia brings you down to the bottom, so that were it snowing and you were in a cartoon, you would be in the center of a giant snowball, but really, it's like a fun ride with resulting exciting bruises?

I did that! Yes, I did. I rolled from the top of the hill to the bottom and it was exhilarating. And worth the bruised hip bones, oh yes.

Today I had a very nice Madison Square Lunch, with many lovely people as usual, and I had some nice saag paneer with rice.

After work, I had a very productive therapist session. It was really nice and positive and exciting and I may post about some of that conversation later.

Anyway, then I came home...to an apartment that was fragant with Eau De Gas. I couldn't get hold of my super. Now, I've never had to call the super for anything, although I have run into him in the halls a couple times when I needed something and he's been very responsive. So imagine my surprise when I call the number posted in our foyer and...it's disconnected. I went down and knocked on his door for a bit, and only his dog answered, so I called Con Edison (our gas provider). I had to wait outdoors for the Con Ed rep to show up, but it only took 20 minutes, so enough time for me to run and get a kombucha and sit on my stoop waiting. The lady Con Ed sent out was lovely, and very friendly and helpful and she turned off the gas valve and tagged my stove as whatever the equivalent of condemned would be for gas stoves, so now I have to call my landlord and request a new stove, I guess?


It's another therealljidol week! There are only eight people left.

I wrote a story about fictional bluestockings that is slightly inspired by one of my ancestors! But only slightly.

There are only eight entries this week, so I will just quickly tell you what they are all about under the cut!

alephz, who is the Peeta to my LJ Idol Katniss, wrote a true account of a personal fantasy of his. You can read it here. It reminded me of things I thought when I was a teenager.

amenquohi wrote a rather clever story about a creep in a bar. You can read it here. It does not remind me of anything that has happened to me, which is fortunate. Although I am a lefty.

java_fiend wrote a crazy insane tale of the bizarre with a noir-esque twist. You can read it here. This is a different sort of style for him, and I was impressed!

joeymichaels wrote another crazy insane story about a wigmaker. You can read it here. This didn't remind me of my life, but reminded me of the movie Perfume, which I believe is also a book.

mstrobel wrote a neat Wicked esque tale about the making of a witch You can read it here. It kind of reminded me of my childhood? Is that a bad thing?

hosticle_fifer wrote a very sweet reflection on fatherhood. You can read it here. It reminded me of my dad!

yachiru wrote this crazy post-apocalyptic bit of awesome. You can read it here. Honestly, I hate to pick favorites, but this is my favorite thing this week, so I don't want to say too much and spoil it.

You can also vote in the poll for your favorites! So do that! If you would like to vote for me, I am the_vernacular, as always.

Poll #1753938 LJ Idol, Season Seven, Week Twenty-Nine
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The Ballot:


Wow these entries were all kinda awesome. Squee.

Oh, also, I have an appointment for a consult for my next tattoo! Eeeee I am getting bees.

Oh, and also also, crap, I just realized the dinner I have for tonight requires a stove. Tea, you should not have waited until 11pm to dinner!

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LJ posted that comment before I was done. Anyway, I think the last time I did it was over ten years ago, I was visiting my grandparents in Ohio and my mom, aunt, uncle and I went on a walk to a nearby park. At the park, they had a giant hill that we rolled down like that, and I pretended I was Buttercup in The Princess Bride when she's rolling down the hill to catch Wesley. :)

ALSO at that park, this strange presumably homeless black man with a nice wooden walking stick approached my mother, offered her acorns, asked her to marry him, and insisted we take their picture. We still have that picture somewhere and it is hilarious.


A bee tattoo? Coolness! Pictures of the art before/after would be totally appreciated :)

And I can't pick a favorite out of that line up. Nope, can't do it.

Oh, there will absolutely be pictures. And yeah, I know, right? Super super hard. I want to read everything all over again.

I really must read this Hunger Games thing because it sounds like Battle Royale only not. Largely so I can understand how I feel about being the Peeta instead of the Katniss AND THEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH YOU HURT MY FEELINGS OMGOMGOMG!

They are awesome books! You should read them!

Well, Peeta is a big, blond guy to start :-P Other than that, the whole first book is about everything Katniss and Peeta do to keep each other in the game.

I really love that you picked up on the Wicked feel :D Because the only fanfic I have ever written was for Wicked, and I wrote a shit-ton, and really loved exploring Elphaba and making her my own... so all of my witches do have little bits and pieces of her in them, or at least the her that I made up and wrote.

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