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It is a two-pickle day!
cap, captain miss america
The sandwiches in our cafeteria come with a pickle, you see.

I have a turkey sandwich with Muenster cheese and guacamole on it on a multigrain roll. And the guy making the sandwiches gave me two pickles. I always get excited when I get two pickles.

I just spoke to my super; he's going to come over tonight and see what the heck the deal with my stove is. Best part? I am supposed to be going out for dinner and comics with nervousystem and I don't even need to cancel, super will come over at 11pm! Whee! The sad part is I can't make any ice cream till the stove is fixed, and I have a whole slew of herbs I want to infuse (I have burdock! Burdock to go with my dandelions!) and I can't do anything with them.

So things are pretty good today. The sky is so hazy that the spires of the city are lost in the clouds, and everything is a thick milk-white. It looks tactile, like you could peel it away.

Oh I just want to share this old post that keeps coming up in conversations. I think it is probably the single greatest dream I have ever had. Batman: Year 86. Yes, I dream about Batman.

What is up in your neck of the woods? Is it an awesome day?

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Sounds like a great day and a great sandwhich. Glad things are going so well for you. Pretty well here too.

Excellent! I'm glad you're having a good day. <3

I love when I get extra pickles! Once in a while I've been asked "Pickle?" and there must be palpable excitement in my voice when I say "Yes, please!" because sometimes I get 3!

My day has been ok so far. At work, doing mundane work stuff. Only a little over an hour to go. Then I'm going to hang out in the room where Chemistry tutoring happens, but not for the tutoring.

Yes! I think must grin and bob my head a lot when there are pickles involved. I just insisted on planting two rows of pickling peppers instead of one so I can make more.

Let me guess, are you going to chem tutoring for the pickles?

I love pickles in my hamburgers. I never used to when I was little, I'd pick them out and give them to my mother. Then one day I just ate it...and now I love them!

I finished work an hour and a half early today. It was wonderful. We had so many staff on that we were all falling over each other and they were sending people home early all day but usually when that happens, the wait-staff don't benefit as much since we're kind of important. But there were still two others on and more to come for the night shift so I was allowed to go :D

I like pickles on everything. I have these huge jars of pickled peppers I make in the fall that I could just eat nonstop! And pickled eggs, om nom nom. And I love making pickled cherries to put in cocktails.

Pickled peppers and pickled onions, omg yes. My gf's father makes these epic strong pickled onions that she will like, cut into tiny slivers because they're EPIC. And I was all ooh, giant pickled onion! *nom* and she was all OMG YOU ARE GONNA DIE... WAIT, WHY ARE YOU NOT DYING? I grew UP on pickled onions, man. My mum would get the little jars of multicoloured pickled cocktail onions and I'd snack on them when I was three.

Pickled eggs though? see, I'm not so sure. But then, never tried. Although I love eggs. But I love eggs "plain". No salt, no cheese, just the egg.

Oh yum! Mine are pretty mild because they're pickled in with beets.

Pickled eggs: also with beets, and they make amazing deviled eggs. But yes, I like eggs in all forms; a runny, perfectly poached egg is like porn for me. And now I have tiny feathered egg-machines in my backyard, eeeeee.

Never had deviled eggs either!

My egg-porn is a fried egg that is a bit burned on the bottom but with the yolk still whole and runny inside. It's a skill I have mastered, and it makes me CRY when I break the egg into the pan and the yolk straight away bursts :(

Not so tiny anymore!!! But eeee :D

Ahh I love fried eggs, not burnt but runny yolk, yes. Preferably cooked in bacon fat. And yeah, I have that reaction to busting the yolk, too. So sad! Tragedy!

OMG. In bacon fat. So much yes! We should have brunch together one day, I think it would be epic.

Boiled eggs are the same: firm white, runny yolk. I am always so sad when I mistime and the yolk is solid. No dipping for me :(

IT would be epic brunch. With epic French toast. Covered in epic honey.

And aww. I don't really do boiled eggs unless I'm pickling or deviling them, I freaking love poached, though.

And then cocktails afterward! :D

I have never actually eaten a poached egg o.O I've always been a bit nervous of trying to make them.

I'd like to vouch for those. I have some and they make great poached eggs.

Edited at 2011-06-23 04:20 am (UTC)

It's a plan! (And those... things you just mentioned in another entry that have cute names and look delicious, those too!)

Awww they are so cute!! :D We have some really old-fashioned metal poaching pan at home that kind of freaked me out. I like the idea of the little colourful ones a lot more :D I think what most made me wary about poached eggs was the tip to add some vinegar to the water, because I don't like the taste of vinegar!

My friend and I were just making plans to go to the pickle festival in NC and see the Miss Pickle Princess Pageant.

Pickles dude. Pickles. ^^

Oh my god, I would like to be your friend, too. Pickle Festival! We have an oyster festival and a garlic festival? YUM.


I personally find two-pickle days are portents of great woe.

Today is not un-awesome. Except for the part where I got up early. I am looking at craigslist again, which never ends well, but I have decided I would pay craigslist a lot of money for the ability to comment on other people's listings just so I can critique them.

I have an idea. Let's talk when I get home

That sounds delicious!

Also, just read your dream post, and that sounds awesome. Someone should get onto making that.

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