tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

Ipads are funny beasts. I bought one for my mother for her birthday because she wanted an e-reader but she is such an active gamer that I wanted to get her something she could game on too. Yesterday was the first time i typed more than a URL on one.

things I have learned about ipads: They are very capricious with their autofill and auto capitalization. their autocorrect, too, is a finicky creature. They correct OMG to OMB, which I have decided I may start using in earnest to mean Oh My Batman, and they correct yyyy, my preferred affirmative statement for anyone who speaks to me via text or aim, to "Hugh." so if I say Hugh to you, understand that I am only expressing enthusiastic agreement for whatever you have said.

Now I've switched to iPhone. I have no idea how anyone types anything of any length on these little monsters. My android is easier as far as having better autocomplete, but I don't like the droid touchscreen (iPhone autocorrects droid to something else entirely.) friday night I spent two and a half hours chatting on my droid using the keypad and it did something awful to my index finger. Like I have a callus where no callus was before, and it sorta aches. This is why I have switched to advices (that should be iDevices) for now. (I should point out that my droid has very short battery life when I am using aim, so if you can imagine, I was curled up in a tiny corner of my room, sitting on the floor near the poet outlet so I could keep my phone plugged in. It was excellent. (iPhone autocorrected power to poet)

Saturday I spent some time on the phone with AT&T and a very kind and helpful tech support agent who ran diagnostics and said it appeared there was an issue with either the line or the modem. So we scheduled an appt for today to have them fix it and I sat down with my phone, still doing crimes to my index finger.

A few minutes later, I hear a terrible scream. I run outside. My mother, who had been extending our grape arbor (we are going to have a real grape harvest for the first time ever.) had fallen off a ladder and was lying on the ground, incapable Of lifting her head. My dad got some ice and I inspected her injuries (right knee, right wrist) and we deemed wrist possibly broken. Also, head trauma always good to check out.

So we piled in the car and went to the local emergency room, which was way more chill than any I'd been in before and extremely efficient. They called my mom in within fifteen minutes of checking her in. And they had free wifi! Who knew? I didn't, or I would have brought my laptop. As it was, my mama had brought her iPad with her, so I availed myself of the wireless for the next several hours whilst my mother got injected, inspected, detected, injected and all kinds of mean, nasty stuff. She emerged with a splint on both right appendages, a cane, and a diagnosis of a sprained wrist and a deranged (!?) knee.

So instead of going to Pride today, I hung out here to help my mama out. The Internet service tech has still not arrived, which concerns me as now with my mother out of commission no one can come up midweek to wait for an appointment. It may be an interesting summer!
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