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Chicken Update!

Oh my goodness, so the most exciting thing this week!

First off, chickie update! Look at how big! They are this big!

Secondly, and this is, admittedly, not the biggest surprise, but still terribly exciting and magical and wonderful every time it happens, WE HAVE EGGS.

That egg? That egg is ten minutes old. Ten minutes! This is the freshest egg I have ever had in my whole life!

By the end of today, we had nine eggs over the course of seven days, so it looks like both of our big hens are laying.

We had eggs on Saturday morning:

And then this morning, a little after I got up, my dad came down from the hen house with the egg in the picture above. One perfect brown egg! So we cooked it right away and ate it right away and it was pretty much incredible. We split it in three, so I had a third of an egg, and I didn’t eat another thing until two pm because it was so awesome.


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