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G’Vine Nouaison — 3 cocktails
cap, captain miss america

I bought my mother a bottle of G’Vine Nouaison this week and we went through pretty much the whole bottle over the course of one weekend, which we rarely do because usually I make drinks with completely different ingredients every day, but this was just so good with herbs that I kept playing around with it.

There is also a special quiz question for you today: What do the names of all these drinks have in common?

1) Dig Ophelia

2.5 oz G’Vine Nouaison
.5 oz Bo Nardini Rue Grappa
.25 oz St. Germain
5 sprigs lavender
1 tsp honey
2 dashes Fee Bros Grapefruit Bitters

Add gin, grappa, and lavender to shaker, muddle
Coat chilled cocktail glass with St. Germain
Add honey to shaker and shake
Strain into glass and add bitters

2) Citizen Charlotte

2.5 oz G’Vine Nouaison
.5 oz Etrog Citron Liqueur
.25 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth
1 Tb thyme
1/2 of a garlic scape

Chop scape into 1/2″ chunks
Put all ingredients except vermouth in shaker, muddle
Coat cocktail glass with vermouth
Shake contents of shaker and strain into glass!

3) Dalton Trumbo

Note: I used wild black caps for this drink. If you can’t get black caps, regular raspberries are probably the best suitable replacement. Here’s a picture of black caps in case you live somewhere where wild berries are plentiful:

So that is what is in the drink!

3 oz G’Vine Nouaison
4 sprigs of oregano plus one for garnish
5 black caps plus 2 for garnis
1 tsp honey

1) Put all ingredients in shaker, muddle until berries are well-crushed and gin is bright pink.
2) Shake and strain into chilled cocktail glass
3) Garnish with oregano and additional berries

Thank you to [info]gildedage who is my new official Drink Entitler Person.

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I failed your quiz :(
But I love the Dalton Trumbo! It's pink!

Are black caps like blackberries?

Dalton Trumbo was banned from Hollywood for being a Communist!

And they are black raspberries!

zomg one of the Hollywood ten! That's why the name at least sounded vaguely familiar then.

Oh yummers :D

Thanks for naming a cocktail after one of my favorite songs from freshman year of college!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but have you been to this frou-frou bar that's just south off of Washington Square? Dove Bar.

I have! I like the ambiance and their lavender gin drink, but Most of their menu is fruity vodka things and their prices are a bit high for the quality past happy hour. Plus they don't really change their menu up very often.` Their happy hour is nice, though. And I like their cheese plates.

Yeah, they're really expensive... My friend and I try to squeeze in as many drinks as we can before happy hour ends. Every time we went there, she skipped a meal beforehand, so she'd have an empty stomach and "make the most" out of the alcohol. What a terrible idea!

Oh no! There is a really good vegetarian place right on that block called Quantum Leap. I usually go there before or after.

We went to some vegetarian soul food place nearby, not on that block. It's alright. That's my thoughtful review.

I pretty much concur with its alrightness. Next time you are here I will point you to the better bars. Just as expensive, but worth it.

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