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sweet dreams are made of these...
cap, captain miss america
so i had this whack dream last night which i have been intending on posting and haven't had a chance to. i don't usually have dreams about myself or other real people.

so this is what happened: rick cramer came to spend the summer in the city in my house which was this little green cape cod with white trim in the middle of manhattan so he could go to some film classes. people kept thinking he was my little brother, whic is sort of besides the point. anyway, there was this demon chasing us and it wouldn't go into this one ice cream parlor that was some kind of wannabe ben & jerry's which was also the home of the proprietor who was a lovely young hippie british girl. they had a sundae called the lileuka'alani something or other mountain which was gynormous and covered with pineapple and coconut but i guess the sales had gone down on this particular treat since september 11 (i've had a lot of dreams by the way about the future building on that spot. it's always the same and very nice and not what i was expecting at all and the subway station down there is great.). anyway, we kept hiding out in the ice cream parlor but we felt bad so we would help scoop cones. they had this one really good sundae (here's the ben & jerry's bit) called "vermont's finest" which was maple sugar ice cream with hot maple syrup and fresh whipped cream. one day i had the last scoop of maple ice cream and the only employee, this college-aged boy with spikey blond hair, quit because he had wanted his complimentary cone for the day to be maple. so i scooped for the rest of the day. the girl who owned the place tried to pay me but instead i convinced her to "give my little brother a job" so rick got a job at the ice cream parlor. then there was a face-off with the demon under a dogwood tree in the backyard of the ice-cream parlor, which was down a very rickety set of steps with a wrought-iron railing, but i woke up too early to see the outcome.

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Hahahaa!! I was in your dream!!! Wow, how strange o_o. Did I do anything else in my dream? Sorry, I always wonder about stuff like that ^_^.

i don't remember a ton of it; i wanted to post it this morning when i could remember everything but i didn't have time. anyway, what i do remember is that your favorite flavor of ice cream was this chocolate banana flavor. it was chocolate ice cream with fudge ripples and pieces of banana that were cut into perfect cubes. the first time we went there, i found you already sitting at a table and you had ordered an entire half gallon of it for you and another half gallow for me that was half the banana flavor (i hate banana!) and half this butter-brickle flavor. also when you started working there they let you design your own flavors. one of them was wintergreen with blueberries. they had funny names but i forget most of the names.


Wouldn't Rick just be the perfect lil' brother? ^^ (I'm Alcy, BTW...^^)

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