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More from the Weekend

So, not being really capable of posting all weekend means I have a glut of silly photos and things to post to all of you lovely people!

1) Bee time!

My mama gave me a chocolate bee:

Chocolate bees are not as cute as regular bees and do not land adorably on your finger:

I have a consultation for my new tattoo today! Eeeeeee. I am getting bees on my shoulder, probably. I brought my laptop and I’m gonna print out all kinds of photos of bees to take to Joy, who happens to be [info]shinyredtype‘s tattoo lady! So excited!

Here are some of the photos I took in preparation. Also, if you have ever wondered what bees look like at work, you can see them in the second photo, inside the hive doin’ bee things.

I was explaining to my psychologist about the misperceptions people have about bees, because a lot of people are afraid that bees will sting them when in fact they are actually quite cuddly. I can actually walk up to the hive and pet them. They’re pretty awesome.

Sunday I tried to cook dinner for my mother, since she was injured, but she kept getting up and doing stuff herself anyway. Frequently, she as doing stuff WITHOUT her leg splint on. What a bad patient!

Anyway, collaboration?! Here’s what we made:

That’s polenta with venison, fava beans, asparagus, leek scapes and pancetta.

Arugula with beets, goat cheese, and balsamic-marinated figs.

Yum! I also made this freaking amazing garlic scape-lemon-vermouth sauce on Saturday. Which is what the drink in my last post, the Citizen Charlotte, was made to mimic. And amazing turnips. But I forgot to take pictures of those.

Finally, last but not least, I was not the only one who ate well this weekend. Alas, the mosquitoes did, too:

I didn’t realize quite how many bites I had, or how horrible they were, until yesterday when I put on my sandals to go to work. I have seven on my right foot alone! And then three on my left, and three on my left ankle. I have one on the BOTTOM of each foot, which is just really kind of ridiculous. Curse you, mosquitoes!

Oh, gosh! And I keep forgetting to say, BIRTHDAY PLANS HAVE BEEN MADE, Y’ALL. I will be in Austin from August 4 to August 7. So technically I will be on an airplane on the day-of day, but god I will be having so much fun the three days before that.

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