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Things and Stuff of Today

There was something I wanted to do after work today but I can't remember what.

I just took our art director's intern out to lunch. She is so adorable and eager and ambitious and bright and talented and I wish so many positive and happy things for her. She sort of reminds me of a young shaenon in a lot of ways. It was super fun to sit and chat with a smart young lady about comics and about working in comics. Really positive. She kept thanking me profusely but it was really good for me too.

My mom went to the orthopedist and she is OK. Her wrist is sprained but her knee is much better than the original diagnosis-- it's a bone bruise, not a torn ligament, and will heal on its lonesome.

I strained all my new liqueurs last week and started a couple more last night (two rose ones and a burdock one), but I have a problem. I think the lilac liqueur is actually triggering my asthma. My asthma had not been bad in a while until last night when I drank it. What the heck, life!? It's okay because the dandelion and lilac ones are much better.

Speaking of triggering, I have been having this (possibly TMI) horrible thing happen lately where brushing my teeth triggers my gag reflex. It happened last week and it keeps happening! It's horrendous. The only thing worse than the taste of puke is the taste of puke and toothpaste together. Yeah, I know you wanted to hear about that, so I told you, because I am a classy lady.

Oh! Tattoos! I am getting my bees next Thursday. How exciting is that? BEEEEEES. The tattoo artist is super sweet, and she listened to me geek out about things like different breed-specific markings that I wanted to have visible on the bees. AWESOME.

Tomorrow, I am going to be out all day at a thing. A comics thing. It's a legendary comics party that I have been hearing about for years and this is my first time attending? I am pretty excited.

I'm having a little moment of lack of focus. I hate that. Just having trouble getting back into working on stuff after lunch out and some really invigorating conversation. Oh! Oh! Oh!

News: I built my first ePub from scratch, and it works, and it is awesome. Just so you know, in case anyone is looking for help developing ePubs that are not straight flowed text (either picture books or comics or whatever), I now know how to do this thing! Excitement and possibly updating the resume to follow. God, I am a nerd.

I think that is it for now. I need to decide what I am going to eat for dinner since dinner the past two nights was brownies.
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