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Doot de doo!
cap, captain miss america
I am trying to code my new food/drink blog and it is being annoying and I don't know why, since what I am trying to do is stupidly easy. Argh. I am going to take a break and do this sleeping thing I hear people are doing these days, how exciting!

Oh, I have already talked to a couple of you about it, but just a general call: if anyone would like to write things for the food/drink blog from time to time, or just post food porn there or whatever, let me know. I would love to have more content than just my stuff. I am not asking for a huge commitment-- it can be anything from "I have my grandma's awesome recipe I want to post" to "I would like to post a regular thing once a week." And I am pretty flexible with what counts as food blogging, since I count things like raising bees and chickens. Food and drink comics, photos, and art are also welcome! I'm also going to set it up to auto-post to Tumblr.

I took my bicycle out for her maiden voyage! She is a purple Schwinn (bicycles, like ships, are apparently ladies) and I have a matching pink and purple helmet. I rode around Queens for an hour, about 75 blocks in all. You know how when you're a little kid, if you swim in lakes or whatever, you always have that one moment when you realize that you forgot about swimming back, and you're out impossibly far and don't know how you'll get to shore?

I was pretty good at floating on my back, so my usual MO in those cases was to flip over and lie on my back for a while until my arms weren't so tired.

You can't flip your bicycle over. Well, I guess you can, but it would not be as effective. Anyway! Brave me, I rode on some two-way traffic roads that don't have bike lanes, and it wasn't so scary, even. I have barely ridden a bike since high school, although a couple of years ago I did a 13 mile bike ride in Denver. According to Google Maps, my ride today was only about five miles (I'm not entirely sure because I didn't follow a planned route and I did double back on myself quite a bit) but man are my arms tired. And my legs.

When I got home from bicycling, I was just like a Gumby. So I went to the grocery store, which I forgot makes inexpensive sandwiches, and got one of those and a kombucha. They are expanding the store, I am so excited because most NYC grocery stores have such narrow aisles as to be somewhat perilous, and I heart my grocery store. They have a Secret Kimchi And Pickled Daikon Section that is down a mazelike corridor, and when you go down it you can get lots of the above. And other pickles!

Anyway, I have this comics party to go to tomorrow, and Brendan was supposed to text me to say whether I am supposed to go over to his house and leave from there (thus permitting me two extra hours of sleep should I wish to take them, but more likely one extra hour and some nice time in the morning), or if I'm supposed to show up at work! But he didn't, so I suppose I am going to be getting up at the usual time and checking my texts! Oops.

Hooray for biking. I sort of want an inexpensive exercise bike to keep in the apartment, because then I can build up my stamina-or-what-have-you even when I can't ride (like, I'm not going to be comfortable riding in the dark for a while yet, I think) and I will thus be better prepared for longer bike trips.

I think next time I'm going to try biking south instead of east and see how that goes. My goal is to be able to bike to Brooklyn easily!

Okay, now is time for zzzzzzzz.

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i got my exercise bike at sports authority. they were phasing it out, so it was only like $130. it's a real bike too, not one of those weird recumbent bikes. those are good for sore backs but really painful on your thighs.

Yeah, I've looked a few times. I need to just suck it up and get one. Most of the problem is now they're all so...BIG! I need one that will fit in a little NYC apartment.

(Deleted comment)
Yes! I think that will be excellent!

You know how when you're a little kid, if you swim in lakes or whatever, you always have that one moment when you realize that you forgot about swimming back...

OH YES. Not as much with the swimming because I can swim for hours, but once I decided to walk my dog allll along the bike path to the city to see how long it took. It took just under two hours.

Then I had to turn around and walk all the way home again :(

Oh no! Yeah, today I had to give the cycling a break, my legs are like, guh.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, food blog, fun! If you need baking or country kitchen-y type things, I'm you're lady!

Yes, I would love to have you contribute. I remember when you were doing Kitchen Alchemy and that was excellent.

I would love to write for your food blog. :) Don't know what yet, but at some point I'm sure I'll think of something!

I used to love biking as a kid. I did it all the time, but I think part of the charm of it for me was riding around my familiar neighborhood with level sidewalks and predictable layouts. I didn't have to think about where I was going so I could just zone out and enjoy the ride. I haven't been able to replicate the experience as an adult.

I know you're busy with your food blog, but were you still interested in helping me style my blog up a bit? I hadn't heard from you on that in a little while. :)

Oh, hooray, I'd love to have you write.

I will definitely do something for you! I was planning to do something last weekend but my internet was out all weekend, so I will try and work on it this weekend.

I saw that, so I didn't want to poke you then. :) Take your time, there's no rush, I just wanted to see if we were still on!

Hooray! Thank yoooooooooou!!! *happy dance*

I can do "how to cook when you have no time, no oven, little counterspace and less skillz". I'm like Sandra Lee of grad students.

I would love reading about that. I have an oven, but very little skillz. It's pretty tough to find "cooking for beginners" stuff, believe it or not.

I'd love to make occasional recipe posts, like the ones I do in my LJ, if that's something you'd like.

Yes, I would love to have you write if you'd like to! I loved when you went through all the horchata variations.

You could get a bike trainer or rollers so you can use your bike in the apt without purchasing a giant exercise machine? I've been thinking about getting one so I can continue to exercise in the winter, but haven't done so yet.

Also, yes to biking in Brooklyn. Bike to Greenpoint! It's close to Sunnyside!

(I also recommend biking along the green path on Kent because 1. protected bike lane and 2. super beautiful city views)

Yes! Greenpoint is my next destination!

Oooh, green path on Kent. I will check it out.

And yeah, the exercising schedule sucks. I need to get better at exercising in the winter months.

When do you get back? What is your week like next week? I'm free Tues and Wed.

I'm back now! And I don't have any plans Tues or Weds so let's totally do something.

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