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LJ Idol Poll!

You guys! I am eliminated from Idol, which is okay because the people in it this week HAD TO WRITE SIX ENTRIES HAHA. Oh god I don't even know how someone can do that.

HOWEVER. There are six people in, and alephz who just happens to be the greatest robot who transforms into a truck EVER in the history of the universe dropped out to give his spot to yachiru last week because she is just slightly awesome. Or at least her writing is. I don't know her; she might be an evil hamster or something.

This week, there are only two people playing for the first time left in the game, and I think this is sad. One of them is yachiru and one of them is hosticle_fifer . Both of them look like they might get eliminated (since amenquohi has immunity)  So I personally think it would be awesome if you don't have any kind of conflict of interest if you could put some tickies down for them, but especially yachiru,   since technically alephz is living vicariously through her or something, even though he is not technically a carbon-based life form. There are a whole lot of entries to read-- 36-- so I'm not sure if you'll be able to finish them before the vote closes. But there are bunches of good stuffs in there.

You know how to do this thing so I don't think I have to give you detailed instructions or anything.

Poll #1757692 LJ Idol, Season Seven, Week Thirty
This poll is closed.

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