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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
poo poo poo poo.

my computer seems unfixable.
i did not lose a ton of work, maybe a half-day to a day, but 's very frustrating!! i'm sure you understand! also i am on another computer, which i had to configure and get all the software i need to do my work. so poo.

it's 2:30 now. i'm gonna get to work, i guess. i had my lunchy and it was delicious.

this all stinks.

bye bye lekikcher.

if anyone wants to volunteer a name for the new mac, let me know.

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Name it "Mojag"! I'll bet you a computer named Mojag will never be wussy enough to die on you ;)

How about Computey McComputerstein?

How about Munchy?

Or, wait, ask me after I've had dinner.

Idiosyncratic. Cool word.

God bless,

~Saaski from Sheroes, who just happened to stumble upon your LJ~

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