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cap, captain miss america

Gosh, I have a lot of things I meant to post this week, mostly to do with ice cream and food and other exciting things, but I sort of got caught up in other stuff and now I have exciting things that eclipse all that stuff that is only exciting in my head.

I went to Twelve 28 Tattoo today for my appointment with Joy. As you may remember, I went in last week for my consultation and it was fun telling Joy all my bee-nerd stuff.

Today, I went back. But before I went back, I took THE LAST PHOTO OF MY UN-BEED SHOULDER. EVER.

When I got there, she had four simple line-drawings of bees for me to look at, and I picked three of them to transfer to my skin. I also got to see Joy’s awesome work room which has many excellent Star Wars things in it, including many many Star Wars Pez dispensers that I do not own, such as a glow-in-the-dark Palpatine. How awesome is that?

Anyway, if you’ve never had a tattoo, the procedure was pretty much like my first one to begin. We talked a little bit about placement, and then Joy transferred one of the line drawings to my shoulder. I lay down on the chair, and Joy pinned up the pictures of bees that I had given her (bee pinups!) and got out a whole bunch of inks, and went to work.

The rest of it was nothing like my first one. First off, the first tattoo I got was all black. So I didn’t realize quite how much blood was being wiped away with the ink. It’s not a ton, but it’s enough to make everything smudgey red.

(However, I will also tell you the same thing I said the last time– for those of you who have thought about getting a tattoo but are afraid of the pain, it does not hurt very much. If you have ever gone to the dentist and gotten your teeth cleaned, the best thing I can compare it to is that scrapey sensation,. Sometimes it will hurt a little bit for just a second or two, and then it goes back to feeling scrapey. If anything, my neck hurt more from getting stiff than my skin hurt from having a tiny needle in it).

Joy finished the first bee, and it looked awesome. So she asked if we should continue and I said yessirree, Bob. I did not actually say that, but I was pretty enthusiastic, I think.

These bees, they are tiny pieces of art. I can’t tell you how happy I am with them. They are like little watercolor paintings on my skin, the way all the colors mix together.

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Oh, those are amazing! What fabulous work!

Joy is awesome and incredible and I highly recommend her if anyone you know is looking for a tattoo artist! I gave her minimal instructions and I could not be more happy with the results.


That is a lot of tattooing to have gotten done in one session!

Your shoulder looks very badass now. But in a way that makes me want to be friends with the pretty shoulder-bees.

Yes, this is like the opposite of badassery. It's like pretty painty pretty thing. SO EXCITED.

Your artist is aces! They're beautiful!

She really is! I am so happy with them.

They look almost 3 D. Wow!

I recently finished reading: "The Honey Thief" by Elizabeth Graver and I think you might like it (or have you already read it?)

Some reviews:

"Remarkably fine-tuned, it maintains a consistent delicacy and precision.-The New York Times Book Review
"Graver provides a wealth of vividly observed detail that makes us feel completely there with the characters."-The Boston Sunday Globe
"Elizabeth Graver is rapidly proving herself one of our finest writers on the grand drama of simply growing up....A quiet gem of a book."-Chicago Tribune

I have not read it. What do you think about it? I would much rather hear your opinion than review quotes!

I suspect it is probably a book for my mom if not for me. I tend to like really fantastical stuff, but she enjoys realistic growing up stories.

omfg! those are 100000x awesome! they look so awesome! AWESOME IS THE ONLY WORD FOR THIS


Wow, those are gorgeous!

Thank you! I am so excited for them!

Those are absolutely beautiful!

I agree! I am so delighted with them.

Lovely! Mazel Tov on the gorgeous body art.

Thank you! I am really delighted with how well they came out.

(Deleted comment)

Yay, they look wonderful!

Thank you, I agree! Eee, bees!

They are just STUNNING. True works of art.

When I had mine done, the artist said to me that it would feel like it's about to hurt really badly but it never does and that was spot on. It was most interesting. I could definitely see how they can become addictive, although I haven't had another one. Yet.

I think that fortunately the cost of really nice ones makes it prohibitive enough that I won't get addicted to it. Also, there are only a limited number of things I want to get. I definitely want a chicken, but after that, I would have to think really hard about anything else.

Oh, and thanks! I was just so pleased with them.

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I love them too1 I love your icon also!

(Deleted comment)
Yes, and right now they're raised just enough that I can feel them even when I'm not looking at them! So far they have not developed nearly as much scab as my last one.

Wow, those look amazing! I am truly impressed :)

I am impressed, too! Joy is so amazing!

Oh, man. Those tats be GLORIOUS.

They are glorious and buzzing and amazing and they will make honey for you!