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A lot can change in two days.
cap, captain miss america

On Monday, I was not going to the Harry Potter midnight screening tomorrow. I had made plans with Rina to do some drawing, and the midnight Harry Potter was the farthest thing from my mind. I didn’t even know what date it was.

Back when the first movie came out, a friend of a friend invited me to go to the midnight showing at the Ziegfield. He was a huge movie buff, but I don’t even think he’d read the books. I had read the first three, but I think Goblet of Fire was out, and I hadn’t read it yet. I enjoyed the books, but this was before I had gotten at all involved in fandom.

The thing was, I was never really in the fandom for the books. I just…started meeting people. Amazing people. People who got me through some really hard times, even if they didn’t know what was going on in my life at the time because I didn’t know them well enough to tell them.

It was always about the people for me. A lot of you are those people.

So, when Rina had to change our plans, I immediately texted [info]spiralstairs who was one of those people. I think she’s the first person from [info]hogwarts_elite whom I met in person. She had been looking for someone to go with, but all her friends were busy.

Suddenly, I was not only going to see the last Harry Potter movie at midnight, but I was going to see it in the same theater where I saw the first one.

So then, Kate asked about costumes. I have some Harry Potter-themed clothing, but It’s either “all out” sort of stuff– like full dress robes– or it’s up at my parents’ in Connecticut (like my Gryffindor tie). So I was like, eh, I don’t think I can do it.

But then, when I was dressing for work this morning (I think it was this morning), I took a look in my closet. Not for a costume, but for clothes for work. And I came to a stunning realization.

In two days, I went from not going at all, to this:

PS: I am actually wearing vintage skivvies under that dress. Since you can’t actually see those.

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Thanks! I am incredibly pleased for it being a totally pulled together last minute costume!

I have to admit I've never gotten into the whole Harry Potter thing, but I know people go wild. An old roommate of mine invited me to a midnight release of (I think?) the last book and it was insane. There's some game they play in the books apparently, and at an old job we had 35 people come in all at once dressed to the 9's in HP gear wanting lunch. Freaking wild. The only chatter out of all of them I understood was stuff related to what they wanted to order. It's a pretty hilarious story I won't bore you with here.

The real point of this comment is that you could come and knock on my door in that outfit, and I'd think "Who the hell is that girl at my door?" I saw the pics and wondered who you were posting pictures of, honestly.

Somewhat unrelated but also somewhat related, I have a pretty hilarious vintage skivvies story as well. I really need to work service again.

I actually got PAID to go to the last book release in costume, which was kind of a trip. There are some pictures somewhere of me murdering Jess on the floor of the bookstore. Oh yes! here!

So, yeah, I could have been one of those people, figuratively, if not literally. Then again, I think one of the times I came to GG I was dressed as a French Revolutionary vampire from a webcomic, so... :-P

And I think the hair does that! The minute I do anything crazy to my hair, no one recognizes me. It's very convenient. But god I love this wig.

You just told me you had two hilarious stories but neglected to tell them! :-P Curses!

<3 <3 <3 This post makes me all warm n' fuzzy n' stuff. :) I'm glad I get to go with you! And that costume is SMOKIN'! I've got to step up my game. Can't wait for tomorrow! :D :D

I am so excited I get to go with you! And thanks! I am incredibly proud of it for being something I threw together in less than a day!

LOVE the costume!

abangaku and I are going to be seeing it in Times Square at midnight. I can't wait!

Thank you! I am very very pleased with the impromptuness of this costume and the fact that my wardrobe can actually manage this.

Kate really wanted to do Ziegfield, which I can't object to! And Jess is coming too!

Thanks! I'm very happy with how it came out!

Nice Rita costume! The folks in HP fandom have been so lovely. Yes, it's had it's share of drama, but all the amazing people overcame that and more. :)

Well, I don't think the drama is actually anything to do with the fandom-- drama is present in any large group of people, because there are some people who will always be assholes everywhere you go. It IS a pretty amazing group of people, though, and has given me some of my best friends.

I totally want to see the vintage skivvies. :P

You look amazing, seriously.

Hee! I would post a picture but they're kinda transparent.

And thank you! I am quite pleased with how quickly I threw this baby together.

VINTAGE skivvies??? *dies a little* oh best ever.

I still need to see films 6 and 7/1! o.O

I think underwear can make a costume. I have a lot of replica-period-undies because I feel like wearing the right underwear can make you carry yourself differently.

And oh noes! You do. The later movies are much better than the earlier movies in my opinion. It took them five movies to find the right director, but Yates gets it better than any of the other people who directed films. Goblet of Fire is just an embarrassingly big mess of a movie and I wish they'd gotten Yates one movie earlier.

(Deleted comment)
Hooray! Thanks! I was so excited I pulled this together so quickly.

(Deleted comment)
I'm not really into costuming, but that is seriously A+++

Hee, thank you! I am totally stoked to wear this.

Rita! :D Well done, have a great time!

Thanks! I will! I am really excited.

What a stellar costume! I super-love the glasses especially. Have a great time at the movie!

Thank you so much! I did have a great time! It was so much fun.


Also: yay, vintage everything!

Ahh, thank you! I am very pleased I pulled it together at the last minute like that.

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