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A lot can change in two days.

On Monday, I was not going to the Harry Potter midnight screening tomorrow. I had made plans with Rina to do some drawing, and the midnight Harry Potter was the farthest thing from my mind. I didn’t even know what date it was.

Back when the first movie came out, a friend of a friend invited me to go to the midnight showing at the Ziegfield. He was a huge movie buff, but I don’t even think he’d read the books. I had read the first three, but I think Goblet of Fire was out, and I hadn’t read it yet. I enjoyed the books, but this was before I had gotten at all involved in fandom.

The thing was, I was never really in the fandom for the books. I just…started meeting people. Amazing people. People who got me through some really hard times, even if they didn’t know what was going on in my life at the time because I didn’t know them well enough to tell them.

It was always about the people for me. A lot of you are those people.

So, when Rina had to change our plans, I immediately texted [info]spiralstairs who was one of those people. I think she’s the first person from [info]hogwarts_elite whom I met in person. She had been looking for someone to go with, but all her friends were busy.

Suddenly, I was not only going to see the last Harry Potter movie at midnight, but I was going to see it in the same theater where I saw the first one.

So then, Kate asked about costumes. I have some Harry Potter-themed clothing, but It’s either “all out” sort of stuff– like full dress robes– or it’s up at my parents’ in Connecticut (like my Gryffindor tie). So I was like, eh, I don’t think I can do it.

But then, when I was dressing for work this morning (I think it was this morning), I took a look in my closet. Not for a costume, but for clothes for work. And I came to a stunning realization.

In two days, I went from not going at all, to this:

PS: I am actually wearing vintage skivvies under that dress. Since you can’t actually see those.

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