tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

i feel like i've been neglecting everyone on lj lately. sorry if that's meant you. i've been neglecting my own lj. the book is taking over my life; it's going through massive revisions and if i ever resurface, y'all will be the first to know.

the characters i'm writing are changing a lot. mikey questioned a part of the plot that is very important to me but that he just mentioned throwing out as if it were any other bit of plot. i realized my story had no plot, just character-building after character-building. i didn't have a solid ending in mind.

i'm trying to rework that now. a character who was a well-written stereotype is becoming a poorly-written human; he's turning into someone much more real, someone who doesn't seem like another girly-teen-fantasy trope, but who i don't know how to write. so he's getting cut a lot. whole conversations he had have been laid waste by apple-x.

and i'm afraid it's becoming a treatise on gun control. i hope not. i don't really think so, but i fear it.

it's hard to change a book. it's easier to hit the delete key and make scenes go away than it is to write new scenes and figure out where to insert them. some things work magically. i wrote in a snippet of a dream description and then jumped to the next page, and the way the character is behaving already matched the dream i'd given her. talk about serendipity.

it's late. i need to sleep. i need to write. so many things.

Tags: writing, writing:fredje

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