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Some days
cap, captain miss america

You walk into work and there is a package lying on your desk to which there is only one possible response:

…I’m off to buy elbow pads!

man, I wish I could play an instrument that was appropriate for accompaniment

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I wish! Too many fingers required! I fail at those!

Aww..that's great. Have fun!:)

I will! Now that I have ample padding to protect myself from injuries!

You ride your bike, you roller skate, don't drive no car. . .

I found my old roller skates! But I think the safety equipment is lost forever, so I haven't dared try them.


I just bought safety equipment. I RODE MY BIKE TO BUY IT.

You done all right for a girl!

Quads! I'd end up on my ass so many times after getting used to inline and ice skates. Enjoy!

Yeah, I don't think I've been on quads since I was like 12. We'll see how this goes!!!!

Ooooh they're just so pretty!!

I need elbow pads for real life. Srsly.

(Deleted comment)
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