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Your Princess is In Another (White) Castle!

Those of you who follow my personal blog know that I have undertaken a project by which I am challenging myself to do things I’ve never done before.

Some of these things are exciting and brave things. Others of these things are kind of, well, a bit silly, because they are the sorts of things that one would expect I would have done at some point in my life.

This one is one of the latter.

Today, after work, I went for a bike ride, and after my bike ride, I was pretty hungry. I started thinking about what there was to eat in my neighborhood, as I felt a little too sweaty and gross to be up to cooking.

And then I recalled that there was one place that I had never been, and it was probably one of those places that I should eat at once in my life, if only to fully experience the breadth of culinary opportunity of the place and time into which I was born.

Yup, that’s right. I’ve never eaten at White Castle before. Was this really something that needed to be changed? Probably not. But since last night’s sliders at a bar that used to make a semi-decent burger and excellent fries proved to disappoint, I decided they couldn’t be WORSE than that. Especially since I was expecting…well, not as good a burger as I had been expecting at last night’s bar.

Now, I have to call attention to the single most exciting thing of the evening. When I walked in the door, I saw this thing.

I wanted to buy something out of it SO BAD. Do you know how bad? Gosh, really bad. But you know, I have this thing with vending machines where even now that I am an adult lady, I feel like I need to ask my mother’s permission to buy something out of it. Is that weird? Probably! But I totally forgot that I could just fish fifty cents or a dollar or whatever it was out of my own grown up lady purse and buy one for myself, so I just stared longingly at the false mustache vending machine. Alas, perhaps another day!

Anyway, unsure what to order, I decided I couldn’t go wrong purchasing something from the combo menu. I got combo #1, which is four burgers, fries, and a small soda. They gave me my soda cup right away. I declined cheese, because I have a hangup about processed cheese food (yes, I realize that is sort of silly given what I was about to ingest). Then I noticed that they did actually advertise cheddar on the menu, but oh well! I went to fill it and noticed a soda I’d never heard of before, Vault, which claimed somehow to be an “energy” soda. I don’t know what that means, but I figured I’d try it, and it was sort of like a flashback to Surge. Remember Surge? I sort of lived on Surge at one point. Man, I loved that stuff. And then I didn’t even really notice that they stopped making it!

Anyway, a flashback to it reminded me that it was probably godawful, then, too, and I filled my cup up with Coke.

The nice thing I noticed was that I could see the White Castle employees preparing every burger as it was ordered. It did take a bit longer than I expect fast food to take, but I actually got to watch them assemble my burgers and fry my fries. The nice thing about this was that my food was still piping hot even after the six or seven block walk home.

Here is my meal in all its incredibly caloric glory! It cost $5.94 plus tax. The fries were pretty darn good– probably better than the fries I got last night in my meal that was three sliders and a basket of fries for $10. They were hot and crispy and not too salty as fast food fries often are.

The burgers were…well, they were not quite the magical life-changing experience I was expecting. I mean, I didn’t expect them to be a culinary masterpiece, but I did expect them to be more different from your average fast food burger. I was at least hoping for them to be really, really hideously bad, but they were not. Mostly, they had more onions. I felt like two burgers could have made a good meal, and I am a little disturbed by the fact that I can still taste the onions four hours after the fact. Those are some powerful onions!

All in all, I am pleased that I have come through this rite of passage unscathed, but I was a little disappointed that they weren’t more terrible. Or more good. One or the other, you know? Like a romantic comedy. This was one of those ones where you just can’t bring yourself to be happy when the protagonist gets together with the love interest because you’ve just been looking at the screen saying, “okay, already,” for the past half hour. Except with more onions.

Also, for those of you reading elsewhere, I’ve added a whole slew of new cocktail recipes. Check them out!

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