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...And boy are my arms tired!

I sort of had an epic gastronomic weekend, let’s just say, and there are lots of pictures forthcoming on Nommable! And stories. And recipes. I’m starting to realize the problem with my whole “Oh, I’m going to separate my blogs in to a food blog and a regular blog, on account of the food taking over the regular blog” is just how much of what I talk about is food or food-related. Gardening! Beekeeping! Drinking things! Howdy!

So then this blog is getting neglected as a result and I feel all bad and sad and sorry for it. Sorry, blog! I would update you if days had 37 hours.

Anyway, a few things:

1) The new King Features site launched last week, and I completely forgot to tell you all. This thing? This beast has seriously been most of what I’ve been doing at work for the past many months. Like, since January. Now it’s done and I can go back to all the things that didn’t get done while I was working on it! It’s pretty exciting, I think!

2) I rollerskated this morning! i got up at the time I usually get up at to jog, and instead put on rollerskates and went VROOM. Or, more like, ka-CHUNK, ka-CHUNK. Kinda awkward! I haven’t skated in like fifteen years, I think, and the last several times I skated were on inline skates and not quads. I was very timorous in my attempt, because, as I discovered when I left the building, every time I skated over one of the seams in the sidewalk, I would go ka-CHUNK, and it was a very herky-jerky beginning. I skated about seven blocks total (round trip), which is kind of pathetic when I usually walk 12 blocks and jog between 1k and 2k in the same amount of time. Trying to cross streets was kind of comical, I had to sort of crab-walk sideways down the little corner ramps and half the time, by the time I had gotten to a place where I could cross the street, the light would have changed against my favor.

It was pretty exhausting, this rollerskating thing. I used my arms a lot, mostly for balance and holding on to things, and the funny thing is that of all the pads I bought, I only got wrist pads because they were free, but they were by far the ones that I needed the most and I am quite grateful to have had them or my wrists would be most brutally bumped. So I still feel like I got as much exercise as if I had done my usual running.

On the way back inside, I tried to go to the basement to see if the basement was suitable for better skating practice than the outdoors. And this is how I discovered that the big sign about how the basement is closed until 8am was true.

All in all, awkward but fun.

3) Do I have a three? I thought I had a three when I was thinking about things I wanted to write about. Oh, yes! Reading! So. I have been stuck on Mister Monday by Garth Nix since before the polar ice caps started to melt. I read this book in 2005 or so, and remembered enjoying it enough that I bought the second and third books, intending to read the whole series– I love his Abhorsen trilogy. But I felt like I should read the first one, seeing as it had been A While. I got about half way through of it. My eyes bled trying to read it. I can’t honestly point out a single thing about it that I would criticize as being bad or weak. But I couldn’t do it.

I played a lot of Angry Birds instead and managed to get all three stars on the first three levels. And wondered if I had gone off reading again, and scolded myself a bit, and then finally decided that I should be doing something productive with my commute rather than playing Angry Birds until kingdom come, and bought some other books. And I just read In the Belly of the Bloodhound which is the fourth of L.A. Meyer’s Bloody Jack books, in about four days. Really three days as I did no reading on Saturday. I picked up A Game of Thrones and read fifteen pages on the subway.

So I have decided that it is not me, it’s Mister Monday, and I am going to get back into the habit of reading lots and lots of books. I realize that A Game of Thrones might take me the better part of a year to read, but that’s still better than I was doing with Mister Monday, which is not even a dense, difficult or complex tome. I got the fifth Bloody Jack book as well as Fire by Kristin Cashore, because I love Graceling.

4) I just want to mention that all of you should be reading Jess Herself, [info]kandigurl‘s blog. Seriously. I have been loving everything she’s written lately. We’ve been LJ friends for a long time, but she’s recently put a lot more effort into writing in a vein that I find incredible inspirational and encouraging as far as helping me think about my own life and interests. She has a really tenacious spirit and is oozing positivity all over the place, and if you are not reading her stuff, you should do yourself a favor and start.

That is it for now! Smooches!

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PS, LJ is being weird as heck right now, so if this posts twice or even three times, I apologize and will take care of that when I can.
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